Awesome polyester knee long skirts below Rs 2000

Skirts come in a variety of shapes and styles and they are essential items in wardrobes. They are more versatile than dresses because they are more flexible when it comes to being dressed up or down. They can be worn to any occasion. There are some skirts listed below for your comfort in the range below Rs 2000.

Women’s pencil skirt

Price Rs:1,497

complete printed skirt in different colours

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This multi-colored skirt is made of 100% polyester. It has the floral spirit and different shapes of printing for its pretty look. Its is modelled in the shape of pencil and at the back side of the skirt there is a zip provided that makes easy to wear and to give the clear structure of the waist.

Women’s A-Line skirt

Price Rs:1,737

polyster skirt having diffrent type of print

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Make a trend with this stylish A-line polyester made skirt by adding it to your wardrobe. It is designed specially with the  art deco button detail skirt in multi colors. Inner of the skirt is also made of polyester. Zip is provided for the easy use.

Women’s A-Line skirt with flower printing

Price Rs:1,317

polyster skirt with the combination of black & blue with flowers printing

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Multi-colored regular wear A-line skirt is designed with pure polyester fabric. Flora printed skirt has the polyester inner with zip at the waist makes the good structure line. Pair it with T-shirt to get the fabulous look.

Women’s pleated skirt

Price Rs:1,120

polyster plain skirt in black colour

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Awesome pleating calf length skirt is designed for the causal use in any season by pairing it with the  light color T-shirts.  Black skirt is pleated to give the awesome look. Inner of the skirt is made of polyester. Use mild detergent  to wash it.

Women’s pencil skirt

Price Rs:1,600

cream coloured plain skirt

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Women’s pencil skirt is made with polyester and  it is designed as the catwalks skirt. It is in of white color and knee length skirt with some patches attached at both the sides of the waist. Hand wash is suggested.

Women’s pleated skirt with knee long

Price Rs:1,800

yellow coloured plain polyster skirt

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Yellow color pleated skirt for the casual use is designed neatly knee-long length for this summer. Pair it with bright colored tops to grab the looks on you. It is easy to wash by hand with mild detergent.

Women’s pencil skirt

Price Rs:1,499,00

Women's pencil skirt

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Women’s cotton skirt

Price Rs:1,329.00

Women's cotton skirt

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Women’s white & red panelled knee length pencil fit formal skirt

Price :1,780.00

Women's white & red panelled knee length pencil fit formal skirt

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Women’s cotton pencil skirt

Price Rs:1,800.00

Women's cotton pencil skirt

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Women’s knee length skirt

Price Rs:1,259.00

Women's knee length skirt

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Women’s cotton knee length pencil skirt

Price Rs:1,806.00

Women's cotton knee length pencil skirt

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Women’s grey butterfly print skirt

Price Rs:1,680.00

Women's grey butterfly print skirt

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Women’s relaxed fit skirt

Price Rs:1,780.00

Women's relaxed fit skirt

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Women’s red straight fit skirt

Price Rs:1,970.00


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Women’s body con skirt

Price Rs:1,399.00


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