Best Indoor Flowering Plants in India

Let your home resonate all things daisy and tulips. Since flowers add a touch of natural effervescence, it becomes quite an interesting feature for your home. However, it is important to note that not every flowering plant can sustain the climatic conditions of India. Hence, when out for houseplants shopping spree, ensure you invest on the one that reaps maximum benefits with minimum inputs. So, let’s check out some of the gorgeous flowering plants that are available in India:

Geranium Pelargonium

Geranium Pelargonium[Buy it online]

This exotic beautiful breed of flowering plants will instantly enliven your room. There are many varieties in this plant and their endless uses makes it one of the most versatile houseplants too. Their lobed shaped fluffy flowers are mainly cultivated for sweet scents and used in making essential oils, body lotions and even tea. Yes, they are available in colors like mauve, pink, lavender, white or rose. They are grown in spring time and need medium sunlight. Water level should be good enough to make them sustain, not too much. They can grow in 45-50 degree Fahrenheit. Once the flowers blossom, high potassium fertilizer must be used.

Kaffir Lily

Kaffir Lily[Buy it online]

This gorgeous indigenous plant can grow easily in adequate temperature between 40-50 degree Fahrenheit during the winter season while it can retain its growth in temperature upto 60-75 degree Fahrenheit. They have pretty orange and yellow bloomed flowers with dark green colored stem and leaves arching on over another. They can also have petal of red, yellow and white in color.  It needs medium light and mostly well-moist soil to grow evenly. It can grow up to 18 inches.


Jasmine[Buy it online]

One of the most popular flowers, Jasmine serves as the aromatic fragrant flower which grows pretty white and pink petals. They can be trained to grow topiaries indoors and it’s quite an easy feat to grow them. They need high humidity, filtered sunlight and minimal water, therefore planting them in washroom is an ideal choice. They can grow as tall as 6 ft. and the soil should be well-moist. These blooming petals will glorify your room with its good looks and soothing aroma.

African Violet

African Violet[Buy it online]

These are the most flattering flowers as they can grow quite easily in Indian climatic conditions while adaption is not a big deal for African Violets. Their gorgeous violet flowers are also available in pink and white. They need indirect filtered sunlight, moist soil and standard room temperature of 60-75 degree F. You can also help them grow anywhere by cutting it off from the step and pot it in a good moist soil mix. They can grow up to 8 inches tall and 16 inches wide.


Hibiscus[Buy it online]

Hibiscus is one of the most surreal flowers that is tropical in nature. Since the flowers range from a hue and shades of colors like red, pink, white, yellow, blue etc. they do not last long. It requires bright sunlight and well-moist soil to thrive. A standard room temperature varying from 50 to 75 degree F works best. It blooms mainly in spring and lasts as long as fall, occasionally through winters,

Phalaenopsis Orchid

Phalaenopsis Orchid[Buy it online]

One of the most sought-after species of orchid, these white shaped long funnel flowers with a splash of color and long tubes shape looks nothing less than a signature piece. You can keep them on a coffee table or hang them in basket in the living room for an elegant and graceful look. They need indirect sunlight and high humidity. They can grow up to 6 ft. tall and 4-inch wide.


Ixora[Buy it online]

These flowers come in a leather foliage and their pretty red, yellow and orange flower clusters are also known as flame of woods. The leaves tend to look like bronze although they turn glossy green. Ixora needs abundant light, warmth and humidity. The soil must be dry before watering. It can thrive in normal room temperature between 65 to 80degree Fahrenheit.


Gloxina[Buy it online]

These pretty jewel-like trumpet velvety flowers cannot grow in shade. They need bright sunlight and warm water once a month to grow well. We love how they add an element of flamboyance to the room with their exotic presence. This flower needs good amount of fertilizer to stay in bloom for all year long while the soil should never be dry. The foliage of this flower should never get wet while watering.