Best Tan Removal Creams

Come summer and all we want to do is soak up the Vitamin D out there on the beach. Or even if not, the scorching summer heat for the city slickers prove to be quite an eventful while the women wrap themselves like a bandit queen when heading out and gives us major asthama goals. While we prep to beat the heat with layers of sunscreen and aviators, yet the stubborn tan never leaves easy. However, ladies, at some point of time, we all have fallen prey to such antics of the evil summer, so let’s be a bummer and play the sun defend gam strong. Presenting the sun tan removal creams that can help you replenish and restore moisture like before.

Nature’s Essence

Nature’s Essence[Buy it online]

Remove the sun tan and blemishes of the sun naturally with Nature’s Essence sun de-tan cream. Enriched with milk and honey dipped concoction to with a touch of geranium oil to dive deep into the epidermal pores and restore the natural complexion of your skin. Kiss this amazing product and use it generously to find surprising results.

Sattvik Organics

Sattvik Organics[Buy it online]

The one of a kind natural and organic infused cream containing turmeric and saffron to fight against the sun tan and remove the discoloration of the pigmented spots on your skin. The age-old grandmother’s secret of using the natural herbs to revitalise and renew skin cells is what Sattvik promises. It helps in producing a natural, glowing, fresh and supple skin. Also avoids sun tan to occur in future with its anti-pigmentation properties.


Glamveda[Buy it online]

This product lives upto its name as it produces glam you post using this de-tanning cream. It helps remove the layer of dark skin cells on your epidermis and starts working on the pores to penetrate deep enough for effective results. Not only that, it helps in lightning the complexion of your skin and results are visible in a few weeks from the use. This will make your skin look lustrous, fresh and healthy like never before.

Raaga Professional

Raaga Professional[Buy it online]

The go-to product to help get rid of the stubborn sun tan and blemishes that keep popping when exposed to sun excessively. Keep this creme handy and use it thoroughly to effectively remove the melanin formation on your skin and lighten your skin tone naturally in just a matter of few weeks. This cream contains a good mix of fruits and kojic acid which is a great way of exfoliation before the application of cream. It also contains extracts from milk and honey to gradually wipe out the sun tan from your skin and improve the complexion of your skin.

Dr. Monica

Monica[Buy it online]

Trust the experts when it comes to skin related issues and no one is better than the renowned dermatologist Dr. Monica. Known to have created a miracle product, this sun tan remover doesn’t promise anything OTT rather gives very believable facts. This cream will help in fighting against the sun spots and pigmentation while you can restore your natural complexion. Lightens and brightens skin with its mild concoction. Effective results in 6 weeks from use. Apply it daily post exfoliation at least twice.