Birthday gifting ideas for her

Birthdays are events that women look forward to all year and no matter what she says, she would definitely love a thoughtful gift from you. Now you must be wondering what to get her? If you can’t think of anything here are a few great gift ideas to make a woman feel special on her birthday. She could be your mother, your sister, your partner or your best friend. Here’s a few ways to show her how much she matters to you and of course how grateful you are that she was born!

What to get her for birthday this year


Jewelry[Buy it online]

Jewelry is a beautiful gift idea that is cherished by all women alike. Whether it’s your mother’s birthday or your girlfriend’s she would definitely love a necklace or a bracelet. You get a wide range of options within your budget and you could personalize it too to make it extra special. For women who are into zodiac signs and horoscopes you could get a zodiac pendant of her sun sign.


Journal gifts for women[Buy it online]

This makes for a great gift for the sensitive soul. If you know of a woman who loves to write then get her a journal or a notebook where she can pen down her thoughts. Lucky for you, they come in all sizes and styles. Get a leather-bound vintage journal for someone who loves antiques or a colorful, comic or pop art cover for the quirky girl.


Perfume for women[Buy it online]

Who wouldn’t like a gorgeous fragrance on them? Perfumes are great birthday gifts for women of all ages. Splurging on a good eau de parfum will surely bring a brilliant smile on the face of your loved one.


[Buy it online]

Books are universally loved gift ideas for women of all ages. Whether she’s a bookworm or a casual reader, gifting books are a great way to show someone that you appreciate their wisdom and intellectually stimulating conversations. Go for the latest bestseller that she’s been wanting to read, the graphic novel that everyone’s been talking about or a one-year subscription of her favorite magazine. Don’t forget to write a heartfelt note on its first page too!

Chocolates and cookies

Chocolates and cookies[Buy it online]

If your girl is a foodie she would definitely appreciate a basket full of chocolates and cookies. It’s a great way to show someone that they can count on you whenever they are down or need someone to listen to them. Add in a personalized note to make the gift all the more memorable.

Wine glasses

Wine glasses[Buy it online]

A beautiful set of wine glasses would be a great gift idea for wine connoisseurs. After a long and tiring day at work, she can unwind and take a sip from your delicate stemware. Not only will she think of you but will definitely be grateful too!

Polaroid camera

Polaroid camera[Buy it online]

If you know someone who loves taking pictures, get them an instant camera for their birthday. It shows how much you love their eye for aesthetics. With a wide range of colorful Polaroid cameras available in the market, gift her one that will help her to take snaps and capture memories forever.


Watches[Buy it online]

Watches make a very stylish gift for fashion forward women. From blush pink to gold, explore different dials, bands and straps to find one perfect for your loved one. You could even engrave the back of the dial with a personalized message to turn the watch into a keepsake. For the tech-savvy woman, a smart watch would be the perfect birthday gift.

Tea gift basket

Tea gift basket[Buy it online]

Want to tell her that she’s definitely your cup of tea? Get her an assorted gift basket of tea bags. A tea lover won’t be able to thank you enough. While sitting down with a warm cup of tea on a cold night, she will definitely think of you!

Spa treatment

Spa treatment[Buy it online]

Most women work really hard throughout the year. Whether she is busy with housework or burdened with office work, she will definitely appreciate a day off when she can relax and unwind. Get her a spa gift voucher for a day of massages and pampering.

Activity tracker

Activity tracker[Buy it online]

Hunting for a birthday gift for a fitness freak? Just get her an activity tracker or fitness tracker. It will track her heart beat, calorie burn, sleep patterns and sync all the info to her computer or smartphone. This way she can stay healthy and fit and will love you all the more for this gift.


Apron[Buy it online]

If you’re looking for a gift for a woman who loves to cook or bake, some chef gear would surely be valued. They are always free size so there won’t be any issues with the fit. They often come with cool quotes and quirky designs that will make her smile. Get matching mittens with the apron to show her how much you love her cooking.

So now that you have your head filled with so many birthday gift ideas, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make your loved one feel incredibly special on their favorite day of the year.