Sonakshi sinha beauty tips, fitness secrets & diet plan

The beautiful Bollywood actress, Sonakshi Sinha is a brave and versatile lady who has painstakingly worked out her way through contemporary Indian drama. This dynamic entertainment figure has recently undergone a slimming and fitness therapy which is winning her so much admiration. The fleshy celebrity has driven a whole lot of her followers gaga with her new refined look.

From fat to fit


From fat to fit

The actress has not only slimmed down but has equally toned up for a more appealing look. She kindly reveals to us her secret in the whole transformation process. Before her initial appearance in the film industry, the celeb weight about 90 kgs. At first she didn’t bother herself about what people thought of her size. Despite the criticisms about the celeb’s size, she did not give a damn until Salman came along. She now has the so desired feminine features after the diet and workout sessions.

Before and after the therapy; a more toned skin

She confirms that Salman Khan is the brain behind her slimming down, diet and fitness. She recounts her new beauty tips, fitness secrets and diet plan journey with her audience. This exercise helped her lose 30 kgs and now she weighs 60 kgs.  Let us have a look at her pictures before the therapy and after.

Her diet plan is as follows

Her diet plan is as follows

Early in the morning before breakfast, she takes a glass of warm water with honey and Lemon juice. For breakfast, the diva takes cereal and low fat milk with whole wheat toast. In the later hours of the morning, she eats some dry fruits and drinks a cup of green tea. At lunch, she consumes a cup of mixed vegetable curry, two chapattis accompanied with some salad. In the evening she either takes a bowl of fruits or a cup of green tea. As for diner, she eats early and her meal is made up of half a cup of dal, sabzi [MIXED VEGETABLE CURRY], chicken breast or grilled fish.

Why this diet was chosen for her

A cup of warm water with some honey and lemon helps in flushing out toxins and bowel movement regulation. Cereals, low fat milk and whole wheat toast provide the body with the required amount of calcium, potassium and diary fibre which helps to build strong bones and satisfy hunger. The vegetable curry, chapattis and salad nourishes the body by providing it with the required amounts of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Green plays a double role by serving as antioxidants and reducing appetite. Fruits on their part are rich in phytonutrients and fiber. Dal, chicken or fish for diner are rich in lean protein and mixed vegetable curry contains lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Despite the very strict diet, the celeb was also given rules to follow to make the diet more effective.

To complete the diet and keep fit, vigorous work out sessions were equally scheduled to help reduce the plumpy looking celeb into a hot diva queen. Haven consumed a lot of junk food without proper exercise, the movie star had to undertake some exercise sessions to beef up the already started journey towards fitness. Sonakshi Sinha affirms that it is thanks to a strict diet and vigorous exercise that she got back to shape.


Sonakshi Sinha’s fat to fit journey met another difficult stage in its evolution, that of taking the required exercises. Just like many people, the celeb has never liked workout sessions or the gym. However, once she decided to embark on this slim down journey, she decided to prepare her mind. She also went ahead to hire a trainer to help her trim down her body size. Below are some pictures of some of the exercises she embarked on to have the results we all see today.

Weight loss exercise

Weight loss exercise

Some of the exercises performed were;

  • Cardio exercises, cycling and functional weight training
  • Swimming and playing tennis
  • Going to the gym twice a day
  • Hot yoga and spinning

It has been a tough journey, she affirms. The super star adds that the most difficult and challenging part of her fitness journey was the diet. Being a food lover, it could and was definitely not easy for her to cut down on her intake and worst of all be deprived of her favorite junk in favour of fruits, vegetables and cereals.

When we take a look at Sonakshi Sinha today, she is a fine masterpiece who has been fashioned in a more attractive and enticing manner. She is a perfect emblem of a real Bollywood fashion diva. After the workout, the results are perfect so much such that the celeb has gained more popularity as she has become prettier and more stylish. Generally a balanced diet and exercise are indispensable in the lives of a person.

Her weight loss diary has been of great interest to many people and has also served as an inspiration to those who will like to mimic her. At the end of it, she has lost some pounds and looks more fabulous. She now has a well toned and killer body to match her standards as a renowned celebrity. The five days per week long work out sessions gave her enough time and training needed to. This and many other sacrifices have been made by her to give us the slim body we see today while ensuring a perfect feminine look.

Sonakshi’s success story serves as an eye opener for anyone who has the intention of losing weight. Sure her new body does not give her a zero size but she feels lighter. For people who will like to lose weight, her beauty, diet and fitness will be a good one to follow though is a very hard nut to crack. In this case what one will require will be a firm decision and determination to make it, when all this is done, one can feel lighter, more beautiful and confident. The Indian movie actress has a full body transformation and she equally feels better with her new slim body.

Sonakshi Sinha rocks in her new shape

With this transformation, those who openly criticized her and commented on her clothes choice on a regular basis will have to start singing a different song.

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Women’s orange diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

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Women’s diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

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Women’s beige & red diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s beige & red diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

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Women’s orange diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s orange diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

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Long dresses are a perfect “yes”, especially this diwali to stay in tune with the trend. To celebrate this festival, you ought to wear something ethnic, elegant, gorgeous and what grabs the attention. This floral printed dress is going to be perfect when you put on with a beautiful piece of statement earrings. While you get on this dress, you will feel the comfort and also a special bond of creation with festive lights.

Women’s blue diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s blue diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Blue dresses looks like the night princesses coming straight down to sprinkle some grandiose. Unleash the nightingale in you as you step the aisle in this scintillating outfit.This diwali, you are sure to win loads of appreciation with this gorgeous looking dress. The netted highlights the beautiful curves and also the comfort of the dress makes you work hassle free. It is a pleasing dress and the irresistible green panache will be perfected.

Women’s cream & pink diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s cream & pink diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Pink and cream color is the most sumptuous and incandescent combination. This dress has got a svelte print to catch millions eyes. This diwali you will surely be the most beautiful lady. The perfectly designed neck with a collared texture and a pleonastic belt is flamboyant. The right selection of pink palette color is just going to add to your beauty. So do not wait to find something better, when you have the best one.

Women’s green diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s green diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

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Green color dress is so mesmerizing with its beautiful shimmer design all over its body. The full length dress with floral printed borders is so flamboyotic. The round neck dress which gives you a simplistic gorgeous look. This attire can be best worn on a diwali night as it is light and comfortable. You can easily sway off the house without worrying about it. It is easily washable too.

Women’s navy blue diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s navy blue diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Dark blue colored kurta with beautifully printed designs on the back and sides looks elegant. The magnificently crafted neck designs are so simplistic yet flowery. You could pair this kurti with a statement earrings and just a comfortable footwear. This diwali, you would need something which will not give you too much hindrance on your arrangements for the guest but will surely be eye-catching attire.It is comfortable and can be carried off easily.

Women’s diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

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Women’s blue diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Women’s blue diwali special new collection gorgeous looking beautiful dress

Blue and golden palette is always the gorgeous and queen-like combinations. This attire looks so authentic with its perfectly printed belt like haute couture. The chinese collar is also designed with beautiful golden collar and it has a dupatta which is made from the perfect selection of blue palette color. This attire is light and comfort and curated just for diwali, as the festival of lights.

Womens cotton wear new dress material for diwali festival


Do you want to look decent? Then go with cotton dress for making yourself look decent on diwali festive day. This amazing green and black combination dress material is perfect that you can wear while lightning the crackers or fireworks. Cotton fabric clothes are best opt for diwali festival. 2.5 mtrs is the top length, 2 mtrs is the bottom and 2.25 mtrs is the dupatta. Women can handle the cotton fabric clothes all day long with great comfort. Buy online cotton fabric dresses for diwali.

Womens new Cotton dress for diwali festival

Womens new Cotton dress for diwali festival


Beige and red is the color combination of this anarkali cut cotton churidar. It is perfect to wear on diwali festival. The neckline looks grand with its floral patch work and collar neck. Bottom of the salwar top is having zari border. Crushed cotton dupatta and plain beige bottom pairs the salwar top. Totally the new collection of salwar for women looks unique and simple. A short sleeve is the style pattern given to this zari embroidery kurta.

Womens net and satin flower print anarkali dress for grand diwali festival


Do you love to wear floral print clothes? Then here is a grand new diwali festival new collection dress for women or girls. Blue colored floral printed anarkali style dress material. Satin flower print and net fabric layer on it looks dazzling. Round neck, short sleeves and ankle length are the styles added to this chudidar while tailoring. Santoon bottom and nazmeen dupatta pairs the georgette flower print salwar top. This can be altered upto 42 size. Look traditional on diwali festival day by wearing this 100% ethnic dress.

Rich silk designer sarees with blouse piece below Rs 5000

Women’s designer wear off-white kota doria silk saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:4,050

Women's designer wear off-white kota doria silk saree with blouse piece


This saree is beautifully made in golden and off-white beauty colors. The golden color is filled in those flamingo long luxe detailed designs to give you that extra ordinary charm and perfection with a touch of graceful poise. The signature South Indian glow can be embraced with the brilliance of this authentic silk white and luxe gold silk traditional doria silk saree to unleash the gorgeousness in you. Pair the exotic saree to the forthcoming wedding saga and finish the look extravagantly with that statement gold jewelry for that scintillating look.

Women’s pink color kanchipuram kanchipattu silk saree

Price Rs:4,190

Women's pink color kanchipuram kanchipattu silk saree

Kanchipuram sarees is like a must-have in the wardrobe of all the women who love wearing sarees and think of it as an apparel which makes you look perfect in your own way. The bright colored striking pink colored with gorgeous gold and orange hued border that perfectly graces the epitome of elegance and makes us go aww… Stay in the limelight with this lightening and brightening saree to glow with your signature stamp of sheer perfection. Pair the glorious chandbalis and get going with ecstatic look.

Women’s party wear multi coloured designer silk saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:4,253

Women's party wear multi coloured designer silk saree with blouse piece

This saree has got a heavy border with beautiful shimmers and alluring designs over it. The red golden and off-white colors in the palette is just used in the right way. The oh-so-dazzling bridal ready saree will win your lost charm and add oodles of grace to your plain look. Turn your monotonous radiance into magnificence which shall be etched in the hearts and souls of everyone for quite a long time. The royal embroidery will sizzle you and lets you drool in the essence of extravagant detailing and the fancy designer look will uplift your poise.

Women’s violet color kanchipuram kanchipattu silk saree

Price Rs:4,290

Women's violet color kanchipuram kanchipattu silk saree

If silk saree is all you need to make yourself feel like a diva, then we bring you the most famous combination of contrasting palette colors in royal blue with shimmering golden is here for you. The royal ancestral look will make you look lavish and worth a million-dollar bucks. The golden foliage façade is exuding the gorgeous grace. Finish the look with elegant fine jewelry and slather highlighter to define that jaw-dropping jawline.

Women’s designer wear green color kota doria silk saree

Price Rs:4,450

Women's designer wear orange color kota doria silk saree


Designer saree in orange and green looks so ethnic and elegant that you won’t be able to deny the sombre look it creates on you. Ethnic beauty on kota silk doesn’t look good without the touch of golden border. The sheer net printed sari in tangerine color is emanating the glow and voted as the season’s best-selling saree. The designer sheer net white lace and trendy golden blouse will amp up your look and notch up your elite elegance in just a few seconds, so grace the exquisite piece of kurti with you go-to pallazo pants and trike a lasting impression.

Women’s designerblue & beige color silk saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:4,348

Women's designer navy blue & beige color silk saree with blouse piece

If you are looking for an attire which makes you the night princess, then we have just the right saree for you. This saree has navy blue colored pallu with beautiful golden colored border. Look at the alluring and breath taking saree which will instantly up your scintillating grace and sequinned charm that will totally notch your beauty to a fairway standard and let you bask in the exquisite brilliance.

Women’s embroidered silk party wear traditional saree

Price Rs:4,485.00

Women’s embroidered silk party wear traditional saree

Embroidered silk saree with pastel coloring is just the right pick for you if you want to be the glamorous  showstopper of the event. In addition to the showstopper style, the blouse has the perfect floral print.  The strikingly pink color with a silky silhouette and blue border is sure to make you look compelling and bright. The subtle colors compliment the Indian dusky skin with a flavour of gorgeousness to add a touch of sheer brilliance. You can pair big ornamented hoops for that ostentatious look.

Women’s green & beige embroidery silk saree

Price Rs: 4,949.00

Turquoise is like the most soothing color in the palette of green shades. This saree has an added version of gold on it with flowery design which makes you go awestruck. Exude that flamboyant appeal as you strut down the street in this awesome piece. The beauty of the ethereal shades with a dollop of elegance exhibited through embroidery is a pure stunner. The lace and golden sequinned patterns adorning the saree all-over will instantly give you the dreamy mermaid feels.

Women’s silk saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:4,949.00

If you’re a big fan of begonia shade, then this is surely the most sumptuous color, which will give you the right sumptuous glow after you drape this saree. Look every bit flawless in this gorgeous rose colored saree with the sheer embroidered silhouette as the shades of amber rose will totally fall in the purview of charm. So, channel your inner peace as you drape this ecstatic appealing saree and leave them breathless. Sweep your hair into a low back bun and embellish them with precious stones for that OTT look.

Women’s yellow silk embroidered saree

Price Rs:4,950.00

Women's yellow silk embroidered saree

Yellow with golden shade is like the sun has come down to show its glory. This is the most alluring piece that you can have in your wardrobe. Look nothing less than a dramatic diva as you put spring in your step and let them admire at your nonchalant look with a pile of compliments. Don a daunting look with open waves and slick red pout for that overboard look. Don’t forget to put on some dazzling blings to take your look from normal to fancy.

Women’s party wear wedding embroidered cream colour saree

Price Rs:4,930.00

Women’s wedding golden silk embroidered border work saree

Price Rs:4,460.00

Women’s new designer silk saree

Price Rs: 4,325.00

Beautiful cotton designer sarees with blouse piece below Rs 1800

Women’s golden blue color cotton blend printed saree with Border

Price Rs:1,795.00

Golden off-white saree is such a beautiful combination that it not only makes you feel elegant, but also gives you the ethnic and traditional look. The golden glow is surely going to make you feel alluring. So, drape the luxe looking mustard colored with cream based silk woven saree and take the dreamy damsel off to strut in the festive parties or traditional gatherings and turn heads as you finish the graceful look with stylish tousled waves and red pout. Don’t forget to wear that sparkling smile!

Women’s green & pink color cotton fancy saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,545

Women's green & pink color cotton fancy saree with blouse piece

If you’re a big fan of broad border saree or a thin border saree, then here we got a combination of the two styles. The blouse and the border of the saree is coated with golden shade, that looks charming and gorgeous. Multi-colored saree is like a multi-purpose saree, that can be work on a regular day or on any festive occasion. It gives you an outlook, which is like an ethnic princess in the modern era, that will be draped by the charming lady.

Women’s blue & gold color cotton saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,695

Women's blue and gold color cotton saree with blouse piece

Let yourself sway, in this beautiful, gorgeous saree that can surely make you look alluring and maybe you can get a chance to date your crush, when headmires you in the perfect outfit which is just made for you. Channel the desi vibes as you adorably carry the saree in élan and let the eyes follow you in envy. To spice up the fun and let the glam journey begin, add statement jewelry with trendy hairstyle to stay in limelight and gorge on fancy façade for a flamboyant evening.

Women’s yellow& blue color cotton saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,699

Women's purple & yellow color cotton saree with blouse piece

Purple and yellow are synonyms to royalty and brightness respectively. Whenever, we combine these two, then it brings a third category known as alluring beauty that can be seen after you drape this saree. So, dip into the oceans of divine gorgeousness as you play it traditional in the significant hues of Indian culture. Fine thread work designer saree to exude the elegant soothing vibes is sure to be the best in town and you will surely stand out in this remarkable creation.

Women’s brown color cotton saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,500

Women's brown color cotton saree with blouse piece

If you’re looking for a saree which gives you light-weight,and also makes you feel hassle free about the day, then you shouldn’t wait to add it to the cart. Somethings come in just the right amount, and this is the perfect fit. So, give no second thought and let yourself bask in the glory of ecstatic designs and drool over the glorious colors, cascading finish and luxe appeal which will instantly amp up your style quotient. Why go passé when you can go classy? Adorn pearly treats and finish your look on a high altar.

Women’s pink color cotton saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,599

Women's pink color cotton saree with blouse piece

Pink pearl shine is what we all need to make ourselves rich, keeping that in mind you can surely opt for this saree which fits into the pearl beauty and sumptuous simplicity. You just have to get on this, that is available at such a reasonable price. Unleash the eternal glow with this iridescent irksome saree and pair it with authentic pearls to complete your exotic gala soiree or Big fat Indian weddings. The up brow and aristocrat enriched feel is sure to surround you as you drape the lavish saree with basic pearls.

Women’s regular multi color cotton saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,549

Women's regular multi color cotton saree with blouse piece

This saree looks perfect for a puja or any traditional occasion, or a gathering at your place. The light shade on the silhouette which connects directly to pious nature is an additional point to this beauty. Stay bright and subtle in this sophisticated drape as you let the sun kissed glow compliment the sheer brilliance of the traditional silk saree. Add a touch of poise with glorious kundan drops and necklace for that ladylike elegance and get into the groove with your golden kitten heels. Voila, you’re done for the evening!

Women’s green cotton saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,799.00

You wouldn’t want to miss this unique and rarely found saree. This saree is made up of jaw dropping colors and then dropped with eyes popping look that is rarely doing by anyone. We want you to have the best outfits got all days. Go bonkers on this alluring designer saree with radiant look to splurge this season and get the best in town. Paint your lips and town red with this saree and let the royal ancestral works spell a cast on you!

Women’s pink colour cotton saree

Price Rs:1,599.00

Get on some latest designing patterns which are the most popular jewels on any festive occasion. Saree, it’s an undeniable attire that you will never want to say a no, and this could be your best choice. Gorge on the trendy designs that is an absolute hit this season and turning heads effortlessly. Slip into this effervescent saree and set those eyes on fire with your magic benign as your infectious aura spreads miles away.

Women’s cotton pink & blue saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,579.00

Women's cotton pink & blue saree with blouse piece

Limited offer only happen once, and best collection sarees are the eye catching them in every offer you find. Whereas, here we bring you the most jaw -ropping styles that will give you sumptuous delight. Soak in the sweetness of this blazing pink and blue saree as you adorn the classic timeless piece on the special wedding saga or take it to festive delight for a statement stunner. Let the eyes gaze at you in all its glory as you put the spring in your step and twirl in joy with statement chandbalis and slathered highlighter to double up the glow.

Women’s black colour designer cotton saree

Price Rs:1,799.00

Women's black colour designer cotton saree

Women’s black & white cotton designer saree with blouse piece

Price Rs:1,645.00

Gorgeous colour block kurtis for women

Women’s regular black and yellow color kurti

Price Rs:449

Women's regular black and yellow color kurti

Women’s regular black and yellow kurti is a good choice for a regular day at work or college, If you like wearing something subtle, then it’s the most perfect choice. With such sheer monochrome magical color blocking to ensure a bright take on light silhouettes, this breathable fabric is sure to take you from daytime errands to date nights with beau and gorge on the beauty of the skylights as you look every worth gorgeous. You can pair some pop of color with bright quirky earrings and let your hair tie in perfection with a little bouncy puff for an elevated height for illusion.

Women’s pink and purple color kurti

Price Rs:399

Women's pink and purple color kurti

Chinese kimono style kurti with the amber of rose and light purple to add up to the ethnic look of an Indian woman. This kurti is scalloped with a ribbon to give an extra edge to your rich sense of style. The bohemian style Indo-fusion look is all you need to carry in all your scintillating vibe as you strut across the street in tranquil hues and let them stare at your oh-so-infectious aura. With the intricate detailing and sinfully bright embroidery to take your heart away, sway in this vibrant suit and go berserk with a trendy hairstyle to match them to your high standards of upbeat fashion. Wear the dazzling long danglers and look your glossy best.

Women’s black and white color cotton kurta with round neck

Price Rs:649

Women's black and white color cotton kurta with round neck

Black and white colored kurti  the two extreme colors of the color palette.  The work wear staple with such a poetic inference of artsy designer element to lure in positive vibes is here to steal the spotlight. You can rock this look by pairing the elegant kurta with cigarette pants for that youthful glow or you can go safe with leggings and unleash the workaholic diva in you. Leave them gaping in awe as you style the monochrome kurta with dull gold print and expressions imprinted that resonate of wilderness will let you bask in the glory of iridescence.

Women’s casual wear yellow color crepe kurti

Price Rs:499

Women's casual wear yellow color crepe kurti

Vibrant yellow when mixed with a pastel shade adds up to the sumptuous look of the attire. This kurti has a boat neck with plain pastel green on the top. Such bright colors are sure to make turn our gloomy days into happiness and you can effortlessly slay in this amazing piece. Take this kurta to your impromptu meetings or presentation, for those random road trip with your girlfriends or go on a happening fun date. Just stack a few colourful bangles and stick that cute little bindi to attract some flattering compliments.

Women’s pink color cotton printed kurti

Price Rs:339

Women's pink color cotton printed kurti

Lock up your expensive drapes and go for light cotton or checked collar. If that’s what your looking for, to fit in your wardrobe collection, then this could be the right choice. The simplicity of this sophisticated and graceful kurta speaks volume of the sheer brilliance the design aesthetic holds. The poised look of this kurta exuding charm of a different kind, get a high on subtlety as you pose and click in this statement worthy kurta which is a surefire hit for weekends.

Women’s regular purple color crepe long straight kurti

Price Rs:559

Women's regular purple color crepe long straight kurti

Straight fit, with just a tint of design is what we need for a better outlook in our attire. It’s really difficult to get your hands on something which comments your simplicity, but we get you things easy. The Pantone color for 2015 is here to take our hearts away as the melting hue enchants the ladylike feminine chic in us. Finish the look with high heels, attitude, leggings and lots of cheery smile. Break your bank to invest on a gorgeous lipstick and paint your lips wine to compliment the sassy kurta on days when you need to re-ignite the lost fire inside you.

Women’s orange color cotton straight kurti

Price Rs:429

Women's orange color cotton straight kurti

Keep a choir arranged for the pretty day. If you’re trying to find something which is light, but is just the right fit for a party, then this is surely the product to be added in the cart. The color that instantly brightens up a dull day and allures us to sing melodies of the yesteryear while we cherish a bond so special with trendy designs and colors. He festive ready look or celebration time is certainly incomplete without that added oomph, so ooze your personal stamp of hotness and embark on a journey of class apart with this foxy kurta.

Women’s red color crepe kurti

Price Rs:499 – 599

Women's red color crepe kurti

If you are downsizing with the wardrobe full of old clothing styles, then this is surely the right decision to hang simplicity in your wardrobe. Minimalism is rightly highlighted in this sophisticated and highly functional kurta which resonates work wear vibes to let us drool in the aura of gorgeous hues. The tailored fit of this kurta coupled with the trendy color blocking style is surely the best combination and we’re swooning at the beautiful earthy shades to drape this season. For work or college, count this in your wardrobe.

Women’s sleeveless purple color kurti

Price Rs:379

Women's sleeveless purple color kurti

Mix and match the right colors, and you’re good to go for the day. It’s not easy to look at the wardrobe and choose clothes, but this is surely going to be an easy and comfortable choice. Look your absolute best in this lust-worthy and detailed embroidery work on the breath-taking silk fabric kurta. Pair this beauty with ethereal Patiala salwar and complete the look with fancy heels and winged liner to stay suave and stylish. Don side fishtail braid and style them with finely adorned hairclips to glow like a princess.

Women’s casual wear multi color cotton kurti

Price Rs:479

Women's casual wear multi color cotton kurti

Simplicity is like the sheer quilt of comfort and love which is a rarely found combination. We are here to provide you with the finest clothing that you can carry easily throughout the day. Look your scintillating best in this ravishing multi-color sophisticated highbrow and elite looking kurti as you channel your gyspy soul to turn into an elegant and charming figurine Stay in trend and in limelight with the beautiful embroidered and color block kurti.

Women’s long straight kurti

Price Rs:516.00

Gorgeous red is never going to fade of your way. This kurti is a mixture of the golden design with royal design printed all over the skin of the attire. This festive season, look worth a million dollar bucks and take the attention of flamboyant men around as you dazzle in this glorious red colored long kruti with imprinted luxe gold embroidered all over for that visually flawless appeal. Take your style up a few notches by pairing it with cigarette pants and danglers to steal side glances.

Women’s multi color half sleeve & boat neck crepe kurti

Price Rs:549.00

Beige boat neck kurti is divine wear for a regular day at work or college. It’s perfection and soothing feel makes you want to choose this outfit everyday, even as a festive attire. The nude colored kurti with a long tailored fit feel graces your look like never before, the red carpet ready look will instantly give you a high. Set them on fire as you style the beautiful kurti with contrasting pair of leggings and statement earrings. Let your tousled waves cast a spell on the ongoers as you strike a lasting impression with style and go on with that swinging debonair.

Women’s light grey boat neck with cap sleeve crepe print kurti

Price Rs:549.00

Floral prints are synonymous to the rich style and fashion. You’ll love this sumptuous attire and the elegance which is surely unforgettable. This cap sleeve printed kurti is perfect fit for a regular day.  We’re totally crushing at this trendy floral imprinted nude shaded earthy muted toned kurti as it will totally compliment your high stature at work. Look like an absolute goddess as you weave tales of romance in this beauty. Finish the look with statement danglers and stack a few lust-worthy bracelets.

Women’s blue colour boat neck sleeveless crepe kurti

Price Rs:549.00

Navy blue color, boat neck kurti with crepe style is like a modern era princess draped in simplicity. We’re here to provide you with rich style amalgamated with simplicity and elegance. The tailored fit zipper engraved kurti is high on functionality and vogue. The uber-cool dress cum kurti will be on your must-have list as the hot sassy appealing kurti shall win hearts of everyone at the soiree. You can go bare minimal with nude legging or sans lowers and flaunt an effortless style on-the-go.

Women’s turquoise colour Printed crepe kurti

Price Rs:549.00

Women's turquoise colour Printed crepe kurti

Sky blue, the most eye soothing color that is a sure fit in the wardrobe for a lazy day at work or to match up the busy schedule. You will be in love with the color combine with the sheer silhouette comfort. The retro and vintage themed sleeves with a galaxy inspired look is all you need to stock your closet with. Beat the mundane mid-week crisis with the alluring bright colors and beat the blues by pairing this turquoise colored kurti with a graceful pair of contrasting leggings.

Women’s blue colour printed crepe kurti

Price Rs:549.00

Get on with some drama with this new kurti printed all over with white check on the top, with a heart shaped curve. It also have white floral prints to give you the alluring effect. Unleash your desi swag with this floor touching sweeping blue colored kurti with white patterns that will totally take your breath away. Set them free in this trend-setting kurti and finish the look with sterling silver fashion jewelry. You’re sure to be the woman of the gala evening!

Classy cotton dress materials with dupatta below Rs 1400

Buy best cotton unstitched dress materials with dupatta under rs 1400. For a perfect summer choose the cotton fabric dress materials. Here is the large variety of classy cotton dress materials with complete cotton fabric. Do you want to try cotton chudidars or churidars for party or casual wear? Then checkout the simple collection given below. Face the summer boldly by wearing high quality cotton salwars.

Women’s blush red cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,199.00

Get the smooth cottony plush with this blush red saree. It gives you comfort and easy maintenance. Do not seek for additional eloquence to maintain the sheer cotton silhouette. Rock your blush pink pastel hued salwar kurta dress material with subtle embroidery to notch up your style game forever. Curl your tresses and play it dramatic with the winged liner and generously slather blush to put forward the chic look. Don’t forget to add a pair of quirky earrings for a finesse.

Women’s green cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,199.00

Green cotton dress material is so beautiful on the neck, with extravagant flowers that makes you want to cheat up the busy schedule and sirens time with yourself. Go traditional in this uber-chic and glamourous suit for the festive celebration and sway in authentic designer suits to add an element of grace and poise naturally exhibited through scintillating patterns. You can take this style to forthcoming wedding saga for simple events and be the perfect woman in the neighborhood.

Women’s blue cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,349.00

Women's blue cotton dress material

Blue cotton dress are moonlit blended colours that enhances your beauty, and walks to down the heaven trail in sheer universal extravaganza. The sequinned adorning the sheer silhouette of this cobalt blue kurta is oh-so-captivating, we’re fanboying this gorgeous and effervescent outfit. Exuding essence of youthful appeal, this is a must-have for every college girl who is a fashion aficionado and loves to experiment with her style-on-go.

Women’s peach & blue cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,349.00

Peach is like the colour of an angel, when blended with blue makes you feel like night wings princess. This blend of colors is simply the contrasting palette of paradoxical colours. The subtle pastel colors are the vogue and season’s most selective hues to relish. You can channel the ethnic diva in you and unleash the gorgeous damsel as you go OTT with the extravagant veils of desire. Set the mood for the evening in this peculiar ensemble and play it fun and flirty with your curly tresses falling on your foreheads.

Women’s yellow & sky blue cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,399.00

Get it now

Lime lemon proves us that there is no better match than blue to get together with the drama of the angelical charm that allures the galaxy. Kiss simplicity as you step down in sophistication and utter elegance with such subtle colors and lady like elegance that emanates through and through. Take an inspiration from the B-town divas who grace the everday affairs in beautiful elegant minimal looks like this. Just put a little black bindi on your foreheads, stack a few metallic colourful bangles with winged liner, rouge pout and you’re all set to win hearts!

Women’s blue & green cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,199.00

Did you want to play fun? Well, this is the right choice to make yourself blend into the ethnic beauty with the modern era coalescence.Who said the suits are just a womanly affair, don’t let them preach you otherwise. Bask in the artistic glory with this statement and lust-worthy navy-blue suit with touch of green embroidery and dupatta to attract the passers-by. This one is sumptuous and treating us with panache. Shell your hard bucks on this rocking ensemble and let the steal the ide glances as you walk past by.

Women’s dark yellow cotton dress material

Price Rs:1,399.00.00

Embroidered hem all overs it’s busy with a Chinese collar makes you look no less than the diva walked down the hearts of million people. The shy girl staple to work and running errands is here to win you from all the hassles. Ditch the street shopping and embrace you way to nirvana with this absolute gorgeous dark orange embroidery suit with dupatta to elevate your beauty up a few notches. All you need is a perfect pair of earrings and bangles to stack and you shall become the attention stealer for the gala evening.

Rich georgette designer sarees with blouse piece below Rs 10000

Do you love to wear a rich designer georgette sarees for parties or wedding occasions? Then presenting you the high quality georgette designer sarees with blouse piece under rs 10,000. You can expect the sarees with high embroidery or designs on georgette fabric. Cool contrast color combinations grab the passing eyes. Stay different by wearing a rich georgette designer saress. Here is the smart collection. Happy shopping!!

Women’s red colour party wear embroidered saree

Price Rs:8,213.00

Women's red colour party wear embroidered saree

With the most unsullied red, entangled in the luscious locks of your envisaged infectious aura is sure to turn the heads over the sequins in vogue. The showstopper look is for real and totally turning heads, we’re in awe with the glorious embroidery adorning the saree and the subtle undertones of designer embellishment adding royal ancestral look. Put spring in your step and play dazzle with the shades of red that are bringing back the old world glam and scintillating love affair.

Women’s navy blue embroidery georgette Saree

Price Rs:8,648.00

Women's navy blue embroidery georgette Saree

Get the elite exotic vacay vibes to unleash the moonlight galaxy sequins in the pure sublimity of the embroidered hem in the most magnificent way. Th beauty of this ever-enchanting sequined saree is sure to spell a cast on you with the utter versatility, you can go places. The nonchalant design aesthetics coupled with the graceful colors enveloping the drape is not only the season’s must-have but also brings with it a sheer essence of poise. You will surely garner a ton of compliments as you slather some highlighter and put that rouge lips forward.

Women’s pink colour party wear embroidered saree

Price Rs:8,213.00

Women's off white cotton saree

Irresistible orange blush is where you find the right age for your ethnic wear in the glamorous party. It will surely earn you the beauty of a showstopper and perhaps, you could be the reason for head turns. The quintessential traditional sheer net saree with intricate designer embroidery adorning the hem of the saree. The awe-gaping half -half designer saree sweeps our fashionable dreams up a few notches. You can elevate your personal dramatic style by adding carnations to your ornated styled bun and let them skip a beat as you step down the aisle like a true bridesmaid.

Women’s red embroidery georgette saree

Price Rs:8,650.00

If you were to be in the most perfected pristine red locks, then this is surely the best price pick for your precious event, that may get you, your crush asking for a date. Take a whiff of nostalgia as you drape this scintillating red hued embroidery georgette saree to turn heads effortlessly. Paint the town red and dive into the ocean of alluring designer element for that sassy appeal. We’re totally eyeing on this flamboyant saree that is giving us minimal artwork and standing as an epitome of grace.

Women’s orange colour georgette party wear saree

Price Rs:8,408.00

Women's orange colour georgette party wear saree

Solid orange is the beauty of subtle outfit that also predicts simplicity. To maintain the lucidity of the impressive sublimity of the saree, we offer you this georgette wear. Behold lovers if you haven’t fallen in love yet, this saree will compel you to soak the affluence in sheer brilliant art work. The subtle embroidery adorning the saree in silver sterling work with touch of glam as the color orange totally mesmerizes us and leaves us speechless.

Women’s cream embroidery georgette saree

Price Rs:8,924.00

Women's cream embroidery georgette saree

Let’s sway all the way with this beautiful saree blended in cream and red. Bask in the aftermath of this emancipation Georgette wear. Gorgeous colors with a mix of ostentatious designer element, the colors are perfect for a suave and understated soiree. It can perfectly be worn by a woman of any age for the shade is neutral and serves as an ideal saree to grace at any occasion as well. You need statement jewelry for that added elegance and to compliment your look.

Women’s red party wear embroidered saree

Price Rs:8,213.00

It’s quintessential to foray the beauty of the red in vermilion charm. This scarlet blend is exotic and elite in every way. The big fat Indian weddings are a major hit when you show up in this oh-so-bombastic look with a drape that narrates the rich cultural heritage of the country and the weaves portraying the tales of valor and elegance, both at the same time. Each thread is a piece of art work and compelling enough to break your bank for this tantalizing attire.

Women’s pink embroidery georgette saree

Price Rs:8,450.00

Women's pink embroidery georgette saree

Pink plush with mere clarity of rich style in the aura of daybreak is what we are looking for in the busy schedule of life. This is the right choice for a comfortable and warming evening.Opt for a minimalist look that is the thing this season and get your hands at the most timeless and vintage appealing saree. The celebrity’s favorite, such colors and designs are so much in demand and women are raging to stock this in their wardrobe. Don’s give it a second thought and let it sparkle on your honey dipped skin.

Pink color georgette saree with blouse piece

Price:Rs 5,120

Pink color georgette saree with blouse piece

Steal the compliments by wearing this highly designer saree. The saree is designed with georgette fabric by using color shades in pink. Brown embroidery work is done to the bottom of the saree. So that when you drape the saree the pleats area highlights with heavy designer work. Borders of the saree is covered with lace and embroidery work. A light designer blouse draws with the saree which is unstitched.

Party wear traditional shaded pink women saree

Price:Rs 7,400

Party wear traditional shaded pink women saree

Another designer georgette saree for women’s who love pink shades. Two shades of pink is used while designing this amazing party wear saree. This georgette designer saree is designed in contemporary style which is paired with unstitched blouse piece. Shimmer georgette is the fabric used for the saree. Fancy and trendy blouse completes the saree outfit.

Party wear traditional blue sky women saree

Price:Rs 9,000

Party wear traditional blue sky women saree

This traditional contemporary style women’s georgette saree goes well for any parties or festivals. Half & half saree with stylish embroidery work. Pallu is grandly designed with flower work. This amazing saree is made with viscose georgette which is followed with matching unstitched blouse. Dry clean is the type of the wash.

Bollywood designer wear saree with blue color pallu

Price Rs: 7,150


Heavy designer and embroidery work georgette saree for wedding or parties. This saree gives a rich look to women with heavy designer work to the borders and to the pleats. Half & half saree with white and blue color combination. The drape and pallu are in blue color where as the bottom of the saree is having nice floral and designer work on white. This saree comes with designer blouse piece.

Women’s designer party wear wedding pink & cream georgett saree

Price Rs: 9,515.00

Women's designer party wear wedding pink & cream georgett saree

Women’s embroidery georgette saree in dark pink

Price Rs:9,240.00

Women’s red embroidered georgette saree

Price Rs:9,088.00

Women's yellow & peach embroidered georgette saree

Amazing 3/4 sleeves cotton anarkali kurtas below Rs 800

Here are the latest and fabulous collection of the anarkali kurti’s made from cotton blend which ensures complete comfort and breathability to the wearer whose range is less than Rs 800.

Women’s embroidered red color cotton long anarkali kurta

Price Rs:699

Women's embroidered red color cotton long anarkali kurta

Let the  red get blend in your skin and help you express the immaculate debonair of your beauty and elegance in exquisite nature. Nothing can match up the simplicity of this anarkali kurta. With tangerine hues in mix of blue and white checkered print, you can totally escalate the style quotient as you pair the graceful kurti with contrasting leggings and head to work confidently. You can go chic with denim or cigarette pants and enjoy a party with friends at your nearby café. Swing in style with breathable cotton kurta and let the eyes be on you!

Women’s sky blue 3/4 sleeve cotton anarkali kurta

Price Rs:719

If only fabric were soothing, then we wouldn’t have colors to make them look more charming to be put on. This is one of those pieces that gives you aesthetic blue with iridescent green. The sharp colors are visually appealing and serve as the perfect midsummer treat to delight our work wear dilemmas with a staple outfit. Style the quintessential kurta with stylish contrasting colored leggings or go sporty chic with denim and let them stare at your infectious aura. Don’t let the dazzle dim your light as you strut in élan wearing this soothing comfortable kurta and swinging danglers to strike a lasting impression.

Women’s printed 3/4 sleeve anarkali kurta

Price Rs:575

Women's printed 3/4 sleeve anarkali kurta

Gaping in the aura of panache is what we are looking in our busy schedule, but it’s not easily available. Therefore, we get you the sublimity in its spellbinding nature. Basics never go wrong and when such checkered patterns come into foray, you can play it safe and easy with earthy muted tones and let the charisma emanate from your serious busy body old soul. Add a pop of color with a splash of colorful tassel and studded earrings for that lavish look and let the hair down to impress your beau on a date night. For work, you can take it old-school with half up half down hairstyle.

Women’s cotton printed 3/4 sleeve latest collection western design kurti

Price Rs:659

Women's cotton printed 3/4 sleeve latest collection western design kurti

Kurta is the most prolific wear in the indian culture. It’s one of the most tending clothes that you would love to get on for comfort and luxe beauty. The striking ravishing look is sure to set upon you a zillion eyes, just get into the groove and wear the fabulous kurta in all its glory to reflect your desi style. Create a mosaic of colors as you adorn a red or blue colored legging with this tailored-fit trendy Indian designer kurta to unleash the diva in you. Rock this chic look with statement jewelry and style your tousled waves into an elegant bouffant bun for that class apart ladylike appeal.

Women’s printed green & red cotton long anarkali kurta

Price Rs:699

Have you ever tried vibrant colors on a pastel wear. Now this is the chance for you to get into the vogue just in the right style and sublimity. Your summertime partner is here to bask in the glory of sun kissed glow. Sip the cool wine with your better half and let the slipping sun compliment you in all its beauty as you don this comfortable chic green and red cotton long anarkali kurta for the daytime event. Be the conversation starter as you pair red or mustard pallazo pants and go bonkers with the effortless metro style. Set those eyes in wonder and awe.

Women’s orange & red color cotton anarkali kurta

Price Rs:699

Looks like it’s the yellow and orange kurti are the most trending combinations that you want to must in your wardrobe collection. Well, it isn’t a bad option, instead it’s the most comforting and soothing combinations, that you can choose to wear. When in doubt, kick it out with this ever-enchanting tangerine colored kurta, the red detailing gives us all the reasons to crush our love! The sober and sophisticated design pattern is transporting us to the serene meadows of the holy sights. So, book your tickets to pilgrimage and pack this must-have kurta for an incredible and memorable endeavor.

Women’s blue cotton printed long anarkali kurta

Price Rs:699

Simplicity and finesse clothing is what we need in today’s busy schedule. It’s not always possible to choce glam and glitter. Hence, it’s an exquisite pleasure to slip on some green check combined with yellow stale. Steal the show with this simple yet suave kurta and you can further implode the beauty of its ethereal simplicity by completing the look. You can add a splash of color with a striking colored legging or trouser and play with your luscious locks to invite side glances your way. Furthermore, you can add your quirk with sassy jewelry to pair and let them sigh.

Women’s printed cotton long anarkali kurta

Price Rs:649

Fluorescent pink with elite grey check jacket designed with black sleeves is like the beguiling slather of rose with a tint of grey line over it. We can’t get out eyes off of this vibrant colored pink and monochrome magic kurta. The sheer details that exude workwear vibes coupled with the beauty of handcrafted design speaks volume of its everyday staple use. Just add this to your cart and fall in love with the pretty pastels.

Women’s cotton regular fit white kurti

Price rs:550

Women's cotton regular fit white kurti

3/4 Sleeve white Cotton Anarkali Kurti is designed for the regular use. Boat neck with the green lace attached adds colour to the kurta. Its gray sleeves are embellished greatly with the multi coloured Banjara embroidery work. Top is with the speciality by its buttons on left side of it. Gray and black tree like print is made both the sides of it.

Women’s yellow color cotton anarkali kurti

Price Rs:599

Women's yellow color cotton anarkali kurti

Light color yellow cotton anarkali kurti for women. This kurta is having red colored self printed design, 3/4 th sleeves and round neck. Anarkali style kurta for women. It is made up of high quality cotton. Hand block print looks pretty on yellow kurti. Pair this kurti with leggin.

Women’s 3/4 sleeve pink color cotton anarkali kurta

Price Rs:679

Women's 3/4 sleeve pink color cotton anarkali kurta

Pink colored anarkali kurta with cotton fabric. It comes with self embroidery design and printed design. Three quarter sleeves and banded collar neck is the style. Borders of the kurta is decorated with blue and black cotton lace. It is having nice anarkali style pattern.

Awesome net ghagra/lehenga choli below Rs 2000

Browse here for the traditional look of lehengas which adds colour to you in the occassions which gives a shower of compliments on you. You will be a centre of attraction in the event by wearing the Ghagra choli which are Listed below. Shop here for the lehengas whose price is below Rs 2000.

Women’s blue and pink net unstitched lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,699.00

Women's blue and pink net unstitched lehenga choli

The elgenat and ever-charming attire will totally lift your exotic vibes as you slip into this pretty in pink and blue lehenga choli. Look ever-enchanting as you slay in this intricately embroidered lehenga choli to sway in romance with your better-half. Pair some sizzling long earrings with sequinned necklace and get into the groove as your beau fancies you. Sweep your tousled waves into a low back bun and flaunt your eternal style.

Women’s red net unstitched lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,699.00

Feel like a million-dollar princess in this elite beige and red sheer net embroidered lehenga choli. Impress your beau with this graceful ensemble and get your eyes going in this suave and sophisticated lehenga choli. Fall in love with pastel pops of color and strike a lasting impression this season. Drape this gorgeous attire and light up the good times as you spread the cheer!

Women’s pink & blue net unstitched lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,699.00

Women's pink & blue net unstitched lehenga choli

The hues of pink and blue embroidered dress material lehenga choli is adding all that jazz this wedding season as the jitters of your bridal pampering begins with all the pomp and show.  Feel worth a diva in this mesmerizing hues and unfold your charisma to lure in your happy soulful vibes. Get into the groove and let those tinkering tales flow with the glow.

Women’s blue net unstitched lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,699.00

Women's blue net unstitched lehenga choli

The breath taking blue colored seemingly ecstatic lehenga choli will spruce up your wardrobe and attract the heavenly vibes instantly. Unfold your charming hues as you slip into this everlasting exotic blue colored floral printed lehenga choli with a contrasting pink colored dupatta. The corset styled lehenga is giving us major contemporary feels and shall accentuate your curves. The boat neck blouse is here to save you from the agonies and shall look every inch graceful.

Women’s grey net lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,899.00

Women's grey net lehenga choli


The traditional tales of your cultural heritage shall weave the everlasting essence of glorious colors that shall exude the old-world charm. The violet streaks in the sheer net lehenga with cherry blouse embroidered on charcoal grey detailing is just the perfect platter to begin your festivities and soak in the celebration time this season. The alluring prints and embroidery is worth swooning for.


Women’s red net lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,234.00

Women's red net lehenga choli

Relive the good old’ days with this deep red glistening gold detailing lehenga choli as you feel the party in you. Adorn the pretty divalicious vibes in this red and black sequinned detailing to attract the eyes. Lure in the sassy spills with radiant jewels and shake your leg in this graceful ensemble. Finish the look in stilettos and slather some highlighter to define that perfect jawline.

Women’s orange and pink net unstitched lehenga choli

Price rs:1,199

Women's orange and pink net unstitched lehenga choli


Semi stitched multicolored lehenga choli with dupatta that gives a traditional look is here for you. It is designed as the orange netted cloth attached by 5 cm gold lace followed by the pink and golden patch. Golden color blouse with orange net sleeves and pink dupatta with golden border gives you the awesome look.

Women’s pink & green net lehenga choli

Price Rs:1,699.00

Women's pink & green net lehenga choli

Embrace pastels this wedding season and you’re sure to stay abreast with the latest trends. The rise colored lehenga with a hint of green colored dupatta and luxe gold blouse is surefire amazing. Relish the beauty of cascading charm and let you blues go for a toss as you rock this outfit on a wedding night or simply twirl in joy to woo the men around. Don’t forget to play it fun and flirty in this youthful appealing lehenga choli and seek attention in all its glory.

Beautiful georgette lehenga choli below Rs 1000

Do you want to look gorgeous for party? Did you try lehenga choli for festivals or any important occasion? Whether it is engagement or marriage or any occasion, the lehenga choli brings a grand appeal to the women. Look traditional by wearing this ethnic wear. Browse below the latest collection of georgette fabric lehenga choli under Rs 1000.

Women’s blue georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:699.00

Ombre blue with shades of green shows the simplicity of the attire. In addition to the shades, it also has a spherical border on the beautiful dark night sky color. The cascading hues of blue captivate our souls with all things jazzy as the sequinned hems and painted canvas of the elaborate twirling lehenga gives us major fashion goals to taste the flavour of style. Adorn the latest ethnic ensemble with a twist this festive season to gorge on effortless glam.

Women’s green & red georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:699.00

Green and red is not a believable combination but not many people are aware that when a light red is mixed with mint green, then it comes out to be the most soothing color.  The pastel pops of this gorgeous lehenga choli is every worth charming and letting us go weak in our knees. Talk about the mix of subtle sophisticated poised colors combined with a slice of dramatic embroidery to notch up your flamboyance and bring the old world glam with a bang. Get going this wedding saga with the graceful attire as you slip into the happy grooves and win the hearts away.

Women’s red & white georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:799.00

We never get old by wearing glamorous colors. Some of them are she old contrasted colors which are specific for certain outfits. Therefore, we bring to you the best of all combinations. Channel your dramatic vibes as you adorn this dreamy princess look. The intricate embroidery of the lehenga choli will instantly up your glam quotient thereby attracting all the envious eyes to your infectious aura.

Women’s red georgette unstitched lehenga choli

Price Rs:849.00

If you are a big fan of royalty and possession, then this is the right combination wear of royal embroidery and gorgeous outfit in your possession, that will give you the drama. The traditional red hued lehenga paired with the classic uber-cool red and silver embroidered blouse is a go-to for every big fat Indian wedding or the pompuous events to highlight your flamboyant style. Don’t forget to keep it minimal with your hairstyle and makeup and neutralize the look for a graceful look.

Women’s navy blue color embroidered georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:599

Women's navy blue color embroidered georgette lehenga choli

Here is a navy blue embroidery lehenga choli for women. It is made up of georgette fabric, blouse is with row silk and net fabric dupatta. 0.75 mtrs is the blouse length and -40 inch is the lehenga length. Navy blue lehenga is having floral embroidery work to it. Matching full sleeves blouse is having light embroidery design. This lehenga choli comes with unstitched material so it can be stitched according to body fit.

Women’s green & pink color georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:599

Women's green and pink color georgette lehenga choli

Look grand in this lehenga choli. Green and pink is the nice color combination given to this lehenga choli. It is made up of georgette fabric. Net pink color dupatta is having golden lace borders. Green color lehenga is having black color embroidery and lace work to the borders. Embroidery blouse is best paired with lehenga choli.

Women’s multi color embroidered georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:549

Women's multi color embroidered georgette lehenga choli

This georgette fabric lehenga choli looks colorful. Red color lehenga is having embroidery design to the borders. Yellow and blue color net fabric dupatta pairs with lehenga choli. Wear it for any occasion and gain huge compliments.

Women’s pink & black color georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:499

Women's pink and black color georgette lehenga choli

Look slim and traditional in this pink and black color georgette lehenga choli. This beautiful lehenga choli comes with nice color combination. Rich borders to the lehenga adds a unique touch. This is best for wedding or special occasion.

Women’s pink & blue color georgette lehenga choli

Price Rs:740

Women's pink and blue color georgette lehenga choli

Pink and blue is the color combination given to this georgette fabric lehenga choli. Lehenga is made up of georgette and net fabric. Blouse is having heavy brocade. Chiffon fabric is used for dupatta. 0.75 mtrs is the blouse length. Gain a attractive look by wearing this high quality material lehenga choli.

Women’s georgette red & cream circular lehenga choli

Price Rs:699.00