Awesome polyester T-Shirts below Rs 500

Women’s peach color polyester plain T-Shirt

Price Rs:349

Women's peach color polyester plain T-Shirt

Women’s plain T-shirt made of polyester is a sheer delight to don for casual every day and can be easily washed. This plain T-shirt has got cap sleeves and is a fashionable statement for those formal fancy evenings or important meetings. You can also sport them for a day time date with your beau with jeggings and let your hair do the talking. It is comfortable box top. This top can be paired with tailored fit trousers or even your basic denims to create a statement look. You do not have to be worried about the colour fading in the sun. The silhouette of polyester is so good and wouldn’t disappoint your preferences. Get your danglers on and strut the street in this graceful outfit.

Women’s stylish pink color polyester plain T-Shirt

Price Rs:419

Women's stylish pink color polyester plain T-Shirt

Mysterious women? You might love the vibrant pink with blight blush because cool girls wear pink. You will be able to feel the polyester on yourself and the perfect breathable quality that it will provide you. You must get this gorgeous top to make yourself feel comfortable at your workplace so that you can be confident and work efficiently. The round neck is so perfect that the sparse pristine will be reflected. We are sure to grab it right away.

Women’s regular polyester plain T-Shirt

Price Rs:389

Women's regular polyester plain T-Shirt

Jealous of the color perfection on the T-shirt. You can have it with just a click. This polyester T-shirt is unnaturally breathable and workswonders on your busy schedule. When in doubt, kick it out with this easy effortless breathable pristine white fabric ridden top. This T-shirt can be easily washed in the machine separately. You do not have to it pat dry or bleach. This dry shade will need medium ironing as well after a mild detergent wash. The solid colored short sleeve will keep you away from the uncomfortable summer.

Women’s dark blue regular polyester T-Shirt

Price Rs:499

Women's regular polyester T-Shirt

Plain t-shirt is so comfy and just a go-to-wear anyway. On a day where you do not feel like being the glam and glitter, you could just make yourself feel comfortable by wearing this plush plain tee. For times when you need that extra edge and a kick to feel all awesome, this shining noir top is your escape from the monotony. The paneled top has got a round neck to give those minimum hassle of having uncomfortable boat necks. This is a casual top and needs machine wash and will not fall out with wrinkles. Just go and grab this product for the best congenial wear.

Women’s casual pink color polyester T-Shirt

Price Rs:329

Women's casual pink color polyester T-Shirt

Jean wear with a canvas type material cloth. The casual lifestyle wear top is so loose-fitting and slouchy, that you could just get into the perfect blend and feel like wearing this every time. It is different and also look gracious. It is the perfect outfit which makes you feel free and well-off. You will be relaxed to wear it. Just go and grab this soon. You wouldn’t regret it.

Women’s white & blue color polyester printed T-Shirt

Price Rs:349 – 419

Women's white and blue color polyester printed T-Shirt

Comfortable and casual clothing is what we need this summer. It has got all the perfection that we need in making ourselves confident and go-to clothing. These are some of the most clothing that you would like to wear on a day out without being that breathtaking chic,but just a comfortable way of making yourself feel couchy and well-off. Just go and grab this piece of clothing for best day at work.

Women’s short sleeve pink color polyester T-Shirt

Price Rs:479

Women's short sleeve pink color polyester T-Shirt

If you are ready to run in with the pink cool casual top which adds to the sequins for your day starting with a perfect breakfast. The heels will run into your feel like the crazy mittens. The beautiful piece of this bow which gives you an elegant match to your day.You should be ready with everything even on a casual day, you never know what’s next. Just go and grab it.


Women’s white & black color polyester striped T-Shirt

Price Rs:419

Women's white and black color polyester striped T-Shirt

Black and white colored striped clothing so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing offer of buying such a beautiful top which is not only got the perfection to get you the comfortable outfit sunny day but also makes you look elegant and glowing. You should definitely try this top as it has got a tie to give you that extra edge. Just go and get this t-shirt without giving a second thought.

Women’s black plain printed T-shirt

Price Rs:349.00

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The netted top at the back is just so cool. You can tap into some beautiful day or plan out just a perfect date with this t-shirt. It is like a bright new day, feel the bright new way of wearing this oh-not-so-monotonous preference. Black top with this beautifully printed butterflies is like the amazing perfection which will make you the coolest of all. It can be worn on your day to college. It is so trendy and comfortable.

Women’s yellow printed T-shirt

Price Rs:349.00

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Trendiest top and good for a casual day. This is like a smudge of yellow and the chic jellybean blue that will make you feel like kissing the bright sun even on a hot summer. It is subtle and yellow printed clothing is always good and comfortable color. You won’t feel like the poignant about having this as an essential wear in your wardrobe.

Women’s blue plain printed T-shirt

Price Rs:349.00

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Blue painted clothing is best for those who go to college. This color blends into every skin. You are sure to love the perfection and the digital print which is there on the top of this top/ This is so beautiful that you can even wear on a casual day out with friends or on a pyjama party. This comfortable and can be used to wear anywhere. It is safe slouchy, and cozy.

Women’s black polyester printed T-shirt

Price Rs:449.00

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This black and white cheetah printed t-shirt with a perfect v-neck. It has also got a collar to make you feel like to wear even on a casual day out without showing the blues. This is comfortable and long-lasting. You are sure to wear this on each day. It is a must-have in your wardrobe. Just do not wait and go grab it.

Women’s polyester plain T-shirt

Price Rs:349.00

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If you want that sport look then you are sure to get it with this perfectly designed t-shirt. You wouldn’t miss the mark. 65 might be the luckiest number for the the sporty woman. You will love the comfort it gives you and is so slouchy and well-off. Just go and grab it. You shouldn’t have about buying this piece of t-shirt. It is so good and goes best with everything.

Women’s polyester T-shirt

Price Rs:419.00

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Women’s polyester cotton T-shirt

Price Rs:499.00

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