Browse here to enrich your glamour by choosing cotton printed T-shirts for casual wear. We have wide range collection of T-shirts with just Rs 1400. Add to your waredrop by choosing the listed below.

Cotton printed t-shirt with multi colour

price Rs: 1,335.00

Cotton printed T-Shirt with multi colour and Hand Embroidered

Fabulous green T-shirt, whose round neck is hand embroidered and has short sleeves. Sleeves of the T-shirt , is also hand embroidered and print with blue border along with the neck. Pair it with the Jeans for the good look. Dry cleaning is suggested for this T-shirt.

Cotton printed t-shirt with multi colour

price Rs:1,335.00

Cotton printed T-Shirt with multi colourand Hand Embroidered and Kaleidoscope pattern

Here is the T-shirt which is designed for the occasions like parties and can be use for your regular use. This lavender T-shirt is 100 % cotton with Kaleidoscope pattern yellow and white combination floral print .T-shirt is hand embroidered, has short with border.

Cotton Printed t-shirt with navy colour

praice Rs:1,399.00

Cotton Printed T-Shirt with navy colour and Front knit gigital and back woven digital print

This cotton T-shirt is designed differently to give a fashionable look. It has a round neck,short sleeves and front knit digital and back woven digital print designed on it with different patterns. you can weat it with the skirts and jeans.

Cotton striped t-shirt with three quarter sleeve

 price Rs:1,399.00

Cotton striped T-Shirt with three quarter sleeve and Boat neck

White and navy blue horizontal strips printed has a boat neck is designed with three quarter sleeves for the modern look. Its fabric is 100% cotton. Jean is a perfect combiantion to be wear with.

Cotton Plain t-shirt with coral colour

price Rs:1,299.00

Cotton Plain T-Shirt with coral colour Solid with woven patch on shoulder

Coral color pure cotton T-shirt for the casual wear for the colleges and workplaces with slight apple cut. Solid T-shirt of short hands with woven patch on shoulder. Zip is provided for the comfortableness. This T-shirt can be washed normally.

 Cotton logo t-shirt with blue colour

  price Rs:1,299.00

Cotton logo T-Shirt with blue colour and Short sleeve

Blue color T-shirt with collar neck followed by buttons that helps you to wear easy and a logo at the left side is designed, short sleeves with collar neck given highlights the T-shirt. White dots are used all over the T-shirt for its great look. Wash it with mild detergent.

Cotton printed t-shirt with short sleeve

price Rs:1,396.00

Cotton printed T-Shirt with short sleeve and round neck

Amazing cotton printed T-shirt for your regular use is designed with a round neck and short sleeves. The work on the plain beige T-shirt in white color gives life. It can used for the parties even.

Women’s printed t-shirt in half sleeve

Price Rs:1,299.00

Women's printed T-Shirt in half sleeve

Women’s best printed t-shirts buy online. This half sleeve tee shirt is made up of cotton fabric. Self printed design gives a special appeal to the shirt. Round neck with regular fit is given to the tshirt. Women look gorgeous in this colorful cotton tshirt. Pair this tshirt with any jeans for more attention.

Women’s graphic print t-shirt with round neck

Price Rs:1,399.00

Women's graphic print t-shirt with round neck

Light colored t-shirt with round neck and half sleeves style pattern. Graphic print is given on t-shirt for trendy look. This t-shirt goes well on any jeans of juggings. Wear it for friends outing or evening parties.

Women’s black regular fit t-shirt

Price Rs:1,245.00

Here is a short length t-shirt for women. Black colored t-shirt with golden pain design on it grabs the passing eyes. Round neck and short sleeves is the type of style given to this t-shirt. The print on the tee is hand painted. Recreate the traditional Indian art with modern urban touch.

Women’s cotton t-shirt in black colour

Price Rs:1,208.00

Women's cotton t-shirt in black colour

Here you go with 100% organic cotton tshirt with nice cartoon print on it. It is specially made by puma brand cotton t-shirts for women. Black colored tshirt with round neck and half sleeves. Wear it for family outing and small get together parties. It is available in all sizes like X-small to large.

Women’s cotton logo t-shirt in green colour

Price Rs:1,299.00

Women's cotton logo t-shirt in green colour

Plain green colored t-shirt with collar neck for women. Half sleeves and short length tee shirt looks simple. It is made up of 98% cotton and 2% elastane. Use mild detergent for wash. Jeans can pair well with this green colored tshirt.

Women’s cotton regular fit t-shirt

Price Rs:1,200.00

Women's cotton regular fit t-shirt

This is made up of pure cotton. Women’s tshirt with nice self embroidery design on it. This is best suitable to wear for parties are functions. 3/4 th sleeves and round neck is the style pattern given to this t-shirt.

Women’s cotton lace t-shirt

Price Rs:1,399.00

Women's cotton lace t-shirt

T-shirt for women in cotton fabric. This lace t-shirt comes in blue color with high neck pattern. Lace work is given for sleeves and shoulders. T-shirt looks modern with its lace work both front and back. Pair this with nice juggings or jeans for more outlooks.

Women’s hand-painted pink cotton t-shirt

Price Rs:1,299.00

Women's hand-painted pink cotton t-shirt

This pink colored t-shirt is having light hand painted design on tee. Flower print on the tee looks amazing. It is made up of pure cotton fabric. It is available in all sizes like S, M, L & XL. Women can feel the relaxed fit by wearing this half sleeve and round neck t-shirt.

Women’s hand-painted white cotton t-shirt

Price Rs:1,299.00

Women's hand-painted white cotton t-shirt

This t-shirt looks simple with nice design on it. White color always grabs the attention of passing eyes. Round neck with half sleeves is the pattern given to the tshirt. The hand painted beaded brooch looks awesome on the tee. Give a trendy look to your style by wearing this t-shirt.

Women’s hand-painted block motif Green cotton t-shirt

Price Rs:1,399.00

Women's hand-painted block motif Green cotton t-shirt

Here is a hand printed block motif green cotton t-shirt for women. Short sleeves and round neck are the style patterns given to the tee. It is best suitable to wear on jeans. This t-shirt gives a slight country touch.

Women’s pink cotton t-shirt

Price Rs:1,299.00

Women's pink cotton t-shirt

Hand painted breezy leaves women’s t-shirt with cotton fabric. This pink colored t-shirt stands good on any denim jeans. Wear this for casual or regular wear. Any paint could not compete with flowers design. Sure you can look slim and fabulous in this relaxed fit.

Women’s white cotton t-shirt

Price Rs:1,399.00

Women's white cotton t-shirt

Wonderful hand painted design on the white t-shirt for women. Blue colored jacket rope paint on the tee looks amazing. This trendy design on tees adds a special touch to the garment. The material is very comfort to wear all the day.

Women’s cotton back detail t-shirt

Price Rs:1,329.00

Women's cotton back detail t-shirt

Yellow colored plain 3/4 th sleeves & boat neck pattern t-shirt. The shirt comes with elastic design to the bottom so that the attire fits to the body shape. Back detail neck meets the modern design. Pair with juggings or jeans to give an awesome appeal for this garment.