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Red lipsticks are classy, elegant and bold! Thus, it is woman’s favorite lip color, without a doubt. No matter what skin tone she is blessed with, if she loves lipsticks, she’d want to possess a red one. Many a time, women feel that red isn’t the color that would suit them. But in reality, red is a color which can suit any skin tone, provided the wearer knows how to carry it. The second thing is to know how to wear it right. If you have been desperate enough to know how to make the color suit you, you have paused at the right place! Go through the tips and get know the Do’s and Don’ts for turning your lips red:

The perfect shade

This is the first step on purchasing the perfect shade of red. Yes, red in all shades and spices! You have to try them on, to know which one makes you look the best. You might be allowed to apply a lipstick at the stores, but they don’t generally let you apply on your lips directly. Here is, the best way to get away with that. When they allow you for a trial, take some color on a clean finger and apply the shade on your lips. Try and switch over from all the shades of red to see which one goes with your skin tone.

The general rule is to stress of darker shades of red if you have a fair skin tone. Make sure they don’t have an orangey tone. The tanned skin beauties should choose the pinkish and orangey red colors. While, the dark skinned should opt for wine or purplish colored red. Yes, you have to go through some trial and errors, but you surely know which colors to stress more on, with the above tip.

This could be a lengthy process and a little time consuming too. Make sure you get to a good makeup store, where they have a variety in the shades of red. They would also be able to guide you better and your decisions would then be backed with stronger evidences!

Using lip liners

A lot of women think that lip liners are outdated, but reality check – that is the first step to have the red color perfectly put on! The positive part about putting lip liners are that they do not show after the red lipstick is put over. Red is a dark shade and it covers the border. Lip liners help you lock the lipstick in. There is nothing more embarrassing than to smudge the gorgeous color at an event or party where you had to look prim and proper! It could even go above your lips… let the next situation not be disclosed!

The perfect outfit

If wearing a red lipstick is prior to anything else, you have to base the rest of the look around it! The color makes you look striking and could make you brilliant if carried how it is supposed to be. On the other hand, if you cannot carry it, you could look tacky and your entire ‘get-up’ becomes a tragic story! You have to suit the attire to complement the color. Red goes best with black dresses. It also suits well with most of the gowns you can think of, or jeans with a leather jacket for a funky twist. You could also complement it with ballet flats, brown outfit and a leopard scarf, but make sure you do not overdo animal prints with a red lipstick. It you wear sweat-shirts, switch over to a gloss and let you red lipstick take some rest!

Keeping it away from teeth

A lot of people put by their favorite red shade, only because they are paranoid that it’d penetrate to the teeth! Red is bright and catchy, which is why, if it gets to your teeth it’ll be easily noticeable. This should be prevented by blotting your lips. This trick is old, but less followed as they lighten the shade. Rather than dabbing sheets of paper or cloth between the lips, you can simply put a clean finger your mouth and then close them. Pull out the finger after that, and get rid of the excess color found on the inside anyway. Do wash your finger but!

Whitened teeth

Again, if red lipsticks are a priority, whitened teeth come hand in hand. Red lipsticks are such a turn off when you carry along yellowish teeth for flaunting a smile! With the regular consumption of dark beverages, you might have yellowed your teeth. You have to improve on this, not only for whitening on your teeth and making yourself look better, but also to promote better oral health. A reflective white smile, bordered by the red lips is definitely alluring!

Get over pink

Whatever you wear, don’t try to complement pink with red – simply because they don’t complement! It would be worse than a fashion disaster – is there is any way you can name that? Pink attires with red lips are nightmare-like. It steals the bold effects of red lips and makes you look tacky.

Tone down the rest

When you put on a red lipstick, try to tone down the rest that you do to look cool. You have to complement subtle and skin-friendly colors. For instance, you can put light brown eye shadows over dark black or purple eye shadows, when you have to accompany the lip color along. Again, don’t opt for a red rosy blush and try to choose a softer shade. Don’t overdo the eye makeup, especially by applying excessive eyeliner. Get a clean dress which makes you look polished and classy.

Best red lipsticks in the market

After following the best tips for wearing red lipsticks, let us go through some lovely red lipsticks you could choose for yourself.

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick, 208 Ruby Twilight,3.9gm

Maybelline Color Show Lipstick, 208 Ruby Twilight,3.9gm

Your baby skin will feel relaxed and soothing after application of Sebamed baby massage oil. This oil also contains soya and vitamin F which will easily retain all goodness of the nature. If you can use this on the skin on a regular basis, your baby will easily develop high skin tolerability. A perfect stimulation in your baby’s skin will develop along with neurological as well as digestive developments. If your baby is suffering from dry skin rashes, this particular massage oil will be ideal.

Himalaya herbals baby massage oil

Himalaya herbals baby massage oil

Today, even for baby products, the manufacturing company named Himalaya works really well. Since it is based on herbal formula, you can easily get a healthy skin of your baby. Proper nourishment of your skin will be very well possible once you apply it regularly. This particular herbal massage oil is also good for your skin when the winter season arrives. Since it is quite light oil, this would have a problem of staining. Even after the bath of your baby, the effect of moisturizing will remain for a longer period of time. Your baby will eventually develop a glowing skin after application of it.

Dabur lal tail

Dabur lal tail

This baby oil from Dabur was used from very beginning by the mothers to keep their baby’s muscle and bones strong. Even today after getting variety of advanced and costlier oils available in the market, many people still uses this oil for their baby.  This is also an ayurvedic variety of oil that is made up of all types of herbs and extracts of nature. Naturally your baby will stay quite safe and healthy.  Along with providing a proper strengthening effect to the muscle and bones of your baby, it will also help getting overall physical growth of your new born baby.

Chicco massage oil

Chicco massage oil

This is also a good brand in the market that has been known for manufacturing all types of baby products. This has a special formula of rice bran oil that is really effective in making your skin smooth as well as velvety. Since this oil does not contain any type of alcohol, dyes and parabens, it will be very good for all those having a sensitive skin type. Even there will be no problem of getting oils making sticky appearance over your skin as this have a wonderful formula of oil absorbent. Your baby skin will become much softer and suppler after application of this wonderful massage oil.

Seagulis Ovilion


These days, demand for olive oil is rising with the goodness of the oil. Even in making massage oils for babies, olive oils are invariably used. Even in baby massaging products, you will be able to see the active role of olive oil. Along with making the skin of your baby soft and beautiful, you can also use this for the adult’s use. This has been prescribed for all babies whose parents wish to get their baby’s skin beautiful and glowing. It will be ideal to massage your baby’s body with this oil just 30 minutes before taking bath. After applying this oil you must keep your baby under the sunlight so that vitamin D can be absorbed by the skin and the bones and muscles of your baby can get strengthen.

Dabur Baby Massage Oil with Olive and Almond


The paraffin free massage oil is really good for your skin. It has no artificial colors but is really healthy for your baby. If you can go ahead with regular massage of your baby’s body, it will help in making the bones and muscles really strong. It doesn’t have no chemicals and thus is really great for your baby.

Johnson\’s Baby Oil with Vitamin E


Most parents are really inclined towards the Johnson’s brand as it works really well in keeping your baby safe. Now the good news for all mothers is the fact that babies are now going to be exposed to the johnson’s baby oil that comes with the treatment of vitamin E. This will bring and also make your babies skin soft and beautiful. Try this today through online purchase.

Biotique herbal Bio Wheat baby soft massage oil


This is one of the baby care products that is totally herbal made. This is one of the kits that come with the best quality for your baby. Application of this oil will make your skin soothing and beautiful. This provides gentle care to your baby’s skin which will wash away the dryness from the skin layer.

Pigeon 200ml Baby Oil


The baby care oil has perfect moisturizing element that will make the skin of your baby really soft and beautiful. One you apply it and massage baby’s skin, this will penetrate inside your baby’s skin and make it look smooth, sober and beautiful all the time.