The beautiful Bollywood actress, Sonakshi Sinha is a brave and versatile lady who has painstakingly worked out her way through contemporary Indian drama. This dynamic entertainment figure has recently undergone a slimming and fitness therapy which is winning her so much admiration. The fleshy celebrity has driven a whole lot of her followers gaga with her new refined look.

From fat to fit


From fat to fit

The actress has not only slimmed down but has equally toned up for a more appealing look. She kindly reveals to us her secret in the whole transformation process. Before her initial appearance in the film industry, the celeb weight about 90 kgs. At first she didn’t bother herself about what people thought of her size. Despite the criticisms about the celeb’s size, she did not give a damn until Salman came along. She now has the so desired feminine features after the diet and workout sessions.

Before and after the therapy; a more toned skin

She confirms that Salman Khan is the brain behind her slimming down, diet and fitness. She recounts her new beauty tips, fitness secrets and diet plan journey with her audience. This exercise helped her lose 30 kgs and now she weighs 60 kgs.  Let us have a look at her pictures before the therapy and after.

Her diet plan is as follows

Her diet plan is as follows

Early in the morning before breakfast, she takes a glass of warm water with honey and Lemon juice. For breakfast, the diva takes cereal and low fat milk with whole wheat toast. In the later hours of the morning, she eats some dry fruits and drinks a cup of green tea. At lunch, she consumes a cup of mixed vegetable curry, two chapattis accompanied with some salad. In the evening she either takes a bowl of fruits or a cup of green tea. As for diner, she eats early and her meal is made up of half a cup of dal, sabzi [MIXED VEGETABLE CURRY], chicken breast or grilled fish.

Why this diet was chosen for her

A cup of warm water with some honey and lemon helps in flushing out toxins and bowel movement regulation. Cereals, low fat milk and whole wheat toast provide the body with the required amount of calcium, potassium and diary fibre which helps to build strong bones and satisfy hunger. The vegetable curry, chapattis and salad nourishes the body by providing it with the required amounts of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre. Green plays a double role by serving as antioxidants and reducing appetite. Fruits on their part are rich in phytonutrients and fiber. Dal, chicken or fish for diner are rich in lean protein and mixed vegetable curry contains lots of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Despite the very strict diet, the celeb was also given rules to follow to make the diet more effective.

To complete the diet and keep fit, vigorous work out sessions were equally scheduled to help reduce the plumpy looking celeb into a hot diva queen. Haven consumed a lot of junk food without proper exercise, the movie star had to undertake some exercise sessions to beef up the already started journey towards fitness. Sonakshi Sinha affirms that it is thanks to a strict diet and vigorous exercise that she got back to shape.


Sonakshi Sinha’s fat to fit journey met another difficult stage in its evolution, that of taking the required exercises. Just like many people, the celeb has never liked workout sessions or the gym. However, once she decided to embark on this slim down journey, she decided to prepare her mind. She also went ahead to hire a trainer to help her trim down her body size. Below are some pictures of some of the exercises she embarked on to have the results we all see today.

Weight loss exercise

Weight loss exercise

Some of the exercises performed were;

  • Cardio exercises, cycling and functional weight training
  • Swimming and playing tennis
  • Going to the gym twice a day
  • Hot yoga and spinning

It has been a tough journey, she affirms. The super star adds that the most difficult and challenging part of her fitness journey was the diet. Being a food lover, it could and was definitely not easy for her to cut down on her intake and worst of all be deprived of her favorite junk in favour of fruits, vegetables and cereals.

When we take a look at Sonakshi Sinha today, she is a fine masterpiece who has been fashioned in a more attractive and enticing manner. She is a perfect emblem of a real Bollywood fashion diva. After the workout, the results are perfect so much such that the celeb has gained more popularity as she has become prettier and more stylish. Generally a balanced diet and exercise are indispensable in the lives of a person.

Her weight loss diary has been of great interest to many people and has also served as an inspiration to those who will like to mimic her. At the end of it, she has lost some pounds and looks more fabulous. She now has a well toned and killer body to match her standards as a renowned celebrity. The five days per week long work out sessions gave her enough time and training needed to. This and many other sacrifices have been made by her to give us the slim body we see today while ensuring a perfect feminine look.

Sonakshi’s success story serves as an eye opener for anyone who has the intention of losing weight. Sure her new body does not give her a zero size but she feels lighter. For people who will like to lose weight, her beauty, diet and fitness will be a good one to follow though is a very hard nut to crack. In this case what one will require will be a firm decision and determination to make it, when all this is done, one can feel lighter, more beautiful and confident. The Indian movie actress has a full body transformation and she equally feels better with her new slim body.

Sonakshi Sinha rocks in her new shape

With this transformation, those who openly criticized her and commented on her clothes choice on a regular basis will have to start singing a different song.