Stylish nail art designs

Don’t miss out on the latest nail art designs this festive season. Get the best nail arts and become the center of discussion in your peer group. Nail arts not only look interesting they give a complete new dimension to the old nail polishes. If you want to give your hands a real different look that you will also love, try out the latest nail arts. There are thousands and one design in nail arts, while there are the most gorgeous and bright ones with many colors there are also monochrome, simple and smart designs that can look really stylish on your hands. This article will present a collection of the latest nail art designs in trend, check the list and pick the one of your choice.

Dotted floral design on black base


This dotted five petal floral design is one of the latest trends in nail arts. The use of the black solid background makes this design more prominent. The use of the yellow dots at the center of the flowers completes the look. The fingernails have different number of flowers on them and they have also been arranged in different ways to get the look. You can easily get this nail art design this festive season and rock it in style.

Latest dotted nail art trend


This is a nail art trend that is currently rocking the fashion world. In this pattern a solid and bright base is used on the fingers and then stripes with contrasting gorgeous color is placed horizontally on the fingernails. Finally the alternating areas between the lines are filled with small dots. This nail art design can give your hands a bright and gorgeous look. So, if you have already done manicure, get this nail art now.

Line based nail art design


Look stylish and chick with this line based nail art design. It looks unique but not very gorgeous, which makes it ideal even for wearing daily or wearing to the office. Here the fingers are painted with a matte white base and different line based patterns are drawn on each of the fingernails. The patterns created on each of the fingers with lines are different but yet they bear the same tone, giving a complete look.

Green and pink nail art design


This green and pink nail art design has a unique look to it and can be a good pick for college goers and young girls. Here all the fingers have been painted with a solid and glossy base color. The ends of the fingers have been added with a shade of green, creating a particular texture. The thin white border between the two color shades and the dotted patterns following the white line are other special features to note.

Playful bobby print nail art design


Love to play with colors? Check out this colorful bobby printed nail art design which can actually match with your mood. Here all the fingernails have their different base colors and the dotted bobby prints have been made on them with white nail paint. The ends of the fingernails have been painted white and ellipsoidal black designs have been added at the middle of the white sections.

Get those smiley on your nails – nail art design


One of the latest patterns in nail art design is the smiley pattern. We use the smileys extensively in our daily life and communications and now you can get them on your fingernails too. This smiley pattern nail art design is unique and exclusive. Each of the fingernails bears a different smiley pattern. You can get this smiley design nail art any time, during occasions or without any occasion.

Black and white nail art design


This is a simple yet interesting nail art design done with only white and black colors. Though it is a monochrome design, it does not look pale and can be a good pick for anyone of any age. Here first the fingers are covered with a white base coat and then the dots with black are painted on the base color. Finally the lines from the end of the nails are drawn inwards to complete the design.

Ash and sky blue lined nail art design


This is another modern nail art pattern that you are sure to cherish if you prefer stylish yet simple designs. Here all the fingers have been painted with an ash base color and the design has been done with lines and geometrical structures on the nails. Each of the nail have got a different pattern but they maintain the same tone. The other thing to note in this nail art design is that, to get this one you really need not to have long nails. So, you can have this nail art design even if you do not prefer having very long nails.

Apples on your nails – nail art design


We all love apples and now you can get them on your fingernails too. Check out this interesting apple nail art design which is currently making the latest trend. Here the fingers are covered with a transparent base coat and then the apples have been made at the tip of the fingernails. The addition of the bright green leaf with the apple makes the total appearance really stunning.

Fruity nail art design


Love Kiwis? Get this Kiwi themed nail art pattern on your nails. Here the fingernails have been painted with a transparent base coat and the design has been done on the tip of the nails. The use of two shades of green along with white at the tip and black dotted highlights encircling it makes the design look just perfect and bright.