Best baby diapers for new borns

Diapers help in preventing the infant from bed wetting, and are very convenient to clean up. They are good to keep the baby’s skin smooth and soft. They can prevent the baby’s delicate skin from infections.

Diapers would be an important consideration whenever you have a baby. New borns till 3 years of age would require diapers as they don’t know where to excrete. In order to keep your baby and yourself from the embarrassment among the crowd, diapers would be the best. There was a time when only cloth was used to hold baby urine and stool. But today you get a ready made diaper that is having use and throw technique. Even in the online ecommerce websites you will be able to get it ample.

Baby diapers for new born in india

The diapers mentioned below are available in India in all supermarkets malls and medicine shops.


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Huggies diaper is best known for new born babies up to the age of 2 years. They are manufactured by Kimberly-Clark Corporation.  These diapers are specially designed for new born babies in order to keep their skin soft and smooth. The inner and outer part of the diaper is especially designed with a soft and gentle material. This material allows circulation of air around the baby’s skin.  These diapers have the ability to remove wetness from the baby’s skin and keep it dry and clean.These diapers help to keep the baby dry for 6-8 hours. The waist band is comfortable round the baby’s body and does not leave any redness or marks on the skin.


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It was founded by Unicharm in Japan which is one of the leading manufacturers of diapers and sanitary napkins. Its products are sold in 14 countries across Asia. Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers Small is designed in the form of pants which is very convenient and easy for the parents to keep their babies dry.. This diaper is very easy to wear and remove. It also helps in easy access of babies on the floor without any skin problems like itchiness, dryness and redness. This diaper is made up of abreathable material which allows complete airflow in and around the baby. The baby can move freely with these diapers. There is no skin irritation or redness caused by the waist band. The pant style of the diapers fir well on the baby’s body

PigeonPigeon diaper

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Pigeon is one of the leading manufacturing of baby care products. It has been recognized by many generations of parents and their babies around the world. Pigeon Baby Nappy Diaper can be used for the entire day without any diaper rash. Pigeon is the only company that makes diapers in small and medium sizes which can be used for boys and girls both. It is made of a fabric cover guards which prevents the leakage from the sides . It features a system which helps the flowing of fresh air in the diaper. The waistband fits perfectly around the waist which provides comfort and prevents leakagethe baby’s skin remains dry with no odour.



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It has been a popular brand of diaper for over 50 years. It is owned and manufactured by Procter & Gamble.Pampers diapers are more comfortable, with superior quality at affordable rates. Pampers Active Baby Pants are designed in a manner that the baby can move freely without any discomfort. Pamper baby pants has the power to keep the baby free from rashes by keeping the skin dry and clean. This diaper is enriched with hypoallergenic lotion and extracts of aloe Vera thatprotects the baby’s skin from redness, itchiness, roughness, and rashes.  The diaper is designed in a way that it helps to prevent the leakage  by absorbing the liquid quickly. The outer layer is made of soft cotton which is helpful in preventing skin irritation.

Johnson & JohnsonJohnson & Johnson

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It inspire the new born babies in the usage of disposable diaper instead of cloth diaper. The baby nappy pads has the power to absorb water quickly . It keeps the baby fresh and dry and also helps in preventing redness, itchiness, dryness and rashes on the skin. It is a very convenient product for parent’s use.

Wipro Baby SoftWipro Baby Soft

Wipro baby soft diapers give a cloth feel to give ultra comfort to the baby. This diaper helps in preventing skin problems like redness, skin irritation, roughness, and diaper rashes. The diaper is found to be skin friendly with its inner cotton layer. It has the power to absorb the extra liquid immediately and keep the baby dry for a long time. This diaper is suitable for infants including boy and girls


Godrej Company in India is one of the oldest manufacturers of diapers. It is made of a unique material which has a super absorbing capacity. Here baby will stay comfortable and completely dry for about 6-8 hours. The liquid is absorbed rapidly in order to keep the baby dry and clean. It also keeps the baby’s skin free from itchiness, dryness and diaper rashes.

Dry PlusDry Plus

Dry Plus is the diaper which is introduced by Xtra care is known for its products like Nappy-pads, Diapers, and tissues. Xtra Care Dry plus – are disposable diapers which absorb the liquid in no time and keeps the baby free from watery surface .It works well in safeguarding and get the side leakage prevented . The touch feeling of the diaper is soft and it does not irritate the skin.

Zogo DryZogo Dry

The dry brand diapers from zogo possess a superior quality absorbing power to prevent leakage. This product is manufactured with advanced technology using high graded materials. It keeps the baby’s delicate skin dry and from rashes.This diaper helps to bring a complete end to all types of irritants on the skin.

Mamy Poko Medium Size Baby Diapers


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Mamy Poko is not a very old brand, rather it is only few years that it is selling its diapers and are really successful in providing the quality product. As compared to previous days diapers, it is really soft and soaks the wet surface quite easily. It comes with the soft elastic waist band that makes baby stay comfortable. Also it can be torn from one side and thrown away as soon as it is used up.

Mummamia Microfiber Overnight Cloth Diapers

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Mothers wish to give a cottony soft touch to their babies. This one is one of the brands in the list from where the concept of diapers has started. Today company is competing with other diaper companies in the market. They have imbibed the latest technology among the diapers. Thus, the competition has become more and they are making more quality products. This comes with microfiber that keeps your baby soft without rashes.

Libero Small Open Diaper


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Are you looking for  a small open diapers for your child, this is the brand that will provide you with the same. You baby will stay really comfortable with no leakage at all. Libero is a brand of diapers that can now be available in the market. If ou are not getting them in your locality, try buying it online.  You will get the product right at your doorstep. Enjoy the diaper as your baby will also enjoy the feel of this quality diaper. There will be no more dry when your baby gets wet after passing urine.
You can easily get these diapers from the super markets, departmental stores, online as well as other local stores near to your locality. You can also have a look at the customer review of these products online.