Best body lotions with SPF for your skin care

Moisture supply in your body is an important consideration. Some people have a misconception that, moisturizer is not needed if an individual has oily skin. But it is a wrong concept. Every individual would require moisturizer to put over their skin as a protective layer. Individuals with dry skin layer must go for a thick moisturizer where as people with oily skin should be applying the light moisturizer.

Also the exposure of sun is an important consideration. The harmful rays of sun and give rise to variety of diseases. Even you can get the dark tan layer over your skin. Sunlight is a natural resource which is important for every living being. But, excess of sunrays is also very harmful as the sunlight has ultra violet rays that can provide a negative effect to the skin and other parts of human body.

Excess of sun exposure can also lead to sun tan which ideally can be due to excess of melanin over the skin. Even some people can get skin cancer due to lack of sun protection factor. Thus, it is important to apply the body lotion that has SPF factor and get prepared for the rest of the day before moving out from home.

People have been asking for the sun protection factors for long. But, few years ago the concept of SPF was not very well facilitated. Body lotion must be very effective for your skin but along with it, sun protection factor will be essential as well. Beauty and skincare industry has realized it and has included SPF factor in it. Just after completing your morning shower, apply the body lotions with SPF factor and get the freshness of skin for a long time. Even you can protect your skin from the harmful effect of sun rays with the body lotion that include SPF factor.

Best Body lotions with SPF

Lotus herbals white glow skin whitening and bright body lotion

Lotus herbals white glow skin whitening and bright body lotion[Buy it online]

Lotus herbals white glow skin whitening and bright body lotion should be applied ideally after the shower. If you can apply it over the damp skin, it provides a wonderful skin softening effect. It will be much more effective to apply over the stretched areas such as knees, elbows as well as heels. If your skin at any pint of time is feeling dry or parched, you can use this wonderful body lotion.  The natural radiance of skin is enhanced and becomes really bright and gorgeous.  Uneven pigmentation of the skin is reduced with wonderful skin lightening effect.

Lotus herbal cocoa carees daily hand and body lotion SPF 20

310niJ-0k3L[Buy it online]

Stretch marks of your skin will be effectively reduced with the effectiveness of cocoa butter. The skin becomes very soft and moisturized with amazing effect of skin healing. The effect of rose water in this particular cocoa body lotion clears all types of blemishes that can be viewed through naked eye.  It also moisturized the skin with reduction of fine lines, stretch marks and wrinkles.  The customers who have already used this product have really liked it and have ordered more.

Vaseline healthy white body lotion SPF 24

Vaseline healthy white body lotion SPF 24[Buy it online]

The healthy white Vaseline body lotion is so effective that, you won’t have to use the sunscreen lotion after application of this particular body lotion. It makes a perfect combination with stratus as well as pure oat extract that creates effective multi layer moisture that is effectively absorbed within the skin layer very effectively. Since it is a non greasy body lotion, your skin will stay very smooth and supply without any dryness.

Vlcc Almond nourishing body lotion SPF 15

Vlcc Almond nourishing body lotion SPF 15[Buy it online]

Almond rich nourishing body lotion is really effective in making your skin widely defensive. You can now get this product in the market from the popular Ecommerce websites have this product which will be easily delivered in very less time. This skin nourishing body lotion also has the sun protection factor that works well when your skin is exposed to sun-rays. Even the fragrance is really well that you won’t need any perfume to stay well smelled.

Lotus herbal Aloe Soft daily body lotion SPF -20

Lotus herbal Aloe Soft daily body lotion SPF -20[Buy it online]

If your skin has become excessive cracked due to dryness, this simple aloe soft daily body lotion brought by Lotus will be really very effective with its active ingredients named as cucumber.  This also acts as a natural skin toner that improves skin complexion and makes your skin very tighten and glamorous. Even the dark spots are lightened with the help of this effective skin care product. VLCC has also made the SPF 20 available with this particular product that really made the product worth using for a long time.

Lakme sun expert fair sunscreen lotion SPF 24 PA ++, 120ml

Lakme sun expert fair sunscreen lotion SPF 24 PA ++, 120ml[Buy it online]

This is one of the most common as well as well known sunscreen lotions in the market that is really effective in protecting your skin from UVB rays. Also the broad spectrum provides protection against UV rays. This is an effective way of restricting your skin damage. The ingredients associated with this sunscreen lotion include lemon grass as well as cucumber which will be ideal to remove dark spots as well as pigmentation. It is dermatological tested and will be very safe for your skin tone. But, you need to order it today and get the maximum satisfaction on booking and the delivery.

Kiss my face kids natural mineral sunblock lotion SPF 30 4 Ounce

Kiss my face kids natural mineral sunblock lotion SPF 30 4 Ounce[Buy it online]

This is a particular type of sun protection lotion that works really well for the kids who generally stays exposed to sunlight. Being a mother you might be very cautious about your kid’s skin protection. This is a particular variety of sunscreen lotion which is absolutely made for kids and is quite useful for protecting their skin from the UV rays. The Titanium oxide used in this particular sunblock lotion works well as the natural mineral that is ideal for the sun block factor. Since it is prescribed only for kids, no chemicals, animal ingredients as well as the artificial colors are used. It is very safe for your kids to use.

Organic harvest anti pigmentation cream

Organic harvest anti pigmentation cream[Buy it online]

Pigmentation over the skin layer is one of the harmful effects of the sun-rays. If you are using this particular type of organic harvest anti pigmentation cream, getting sun protection will be ideal. Without using any type of chemicals, it is absolutely a natural way of getting away from tanned skin, pigmented skin, sun burns as well as age spots. This is a wonderful natural product that helps in preventing melanin synthesis in a well planned way and makes your skin very glowing and soft.

Nivea Sun moisturizing lotion SPF 50

nivea-sun-moisturizing-lotion-spf-50[Buy it online]

Nivea is one of the oldest brands of cosmetic products in the market. Today you can find many more cosmetic brands in the market that is competing with this particular brand. But, you cannot find the degradation of quality with this product. Rather the new variety brought by this brand is much more sound and effective. This moisturizing lotion comes with SPF 50 which gives your protection against UVB and UVA rays.

Biotique Bio carrot face & body sun lotion SPF 40 UVA/UVB sunscreen for all skin types

biotique-bio-carrot-face-body-sun-lotion-spf-40-uvauvb-sunscreen-for-all-skin-types[Buy it online]

People are inclined towards the herbal beauty products. Biotique is one among those variety that comes with the extracts of carrot seeds and Lodhra bark. Even if you go out after applying this lotion, your skin will be soft and amiable. You wont be affected by the UV layer due to this great sunscreen lotion with SPF 40.

Himalaya herbal protective sunscreen lotion, SPF 15

himalaya-herbal-protective-sunscreen-lotion-spf-15[Buy it online]

Himalaya is a trusted brand that has been manufacturing variety of items throughout. It is the time for you to have a look at variety of products brought by Himalaya in the market. This one is the sun protection lotion which will keep your skin safe from the harmful effects of the sun rays. You can now get them in online market where you can order absolutely without worrying about anything. No need to visit the store and find the deals. Just search online and get the product.

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion SPF 15

Nivea Extra Whitening Cell Repair Body Lotion SPF 15[Buy it online]

Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face & Body Sun Lotion Spf 50

Biotique Bio Sandalwood Face & Body Sun Lotion Spf 50[Buy it online]

Himalayan cherry body lotion with SPF

Himalayan cherry body lotion with SPF[Buy it online]