Easy growing best indoor houseplants for India

Every home is incomplete without the addition of lush green vegetation. Indoor plants help in transmitting positive vibes from the environment and also improves the aura of your home by creating an ideal atmosphere. From visually appealing plants to medicinal ones and the exotic decorative indoor plants, we shall be taking you through a brief ride to experience the glory of houseplants and how you can place them at your home.


Jade[Buy it online]

This succulent green plant is all you need if you are on the low-maintenance side. This plant requires minimal water, bright sunshine and dry soil to grow as tall as 6 ft. The beautiful plant can survive in normal room temperature and retails for a very long duration say at least a decade. You can keep it at a nice corner to feed sufficient sunlight. Make sure its leaves are not withered during winters, consider changing position. They look pretty adorable when placed in porcelain or mud pots, so get one and place it in your living room.

Venus Flytrap

Venus Flytrap[Buy it online]

This plant is perhaps the most useful houseplant for you to keep yourself rid from the uninvited mosquitoes and beetles every now and then at your homely abode. This rare and amazing plant has indigenous elements to trap the insects and digest them as a source of nitrogen. They must be kept in damp conditions as they require a lot of water. Their vase or pot must not be cleaned with any chemical detergent. Venus Flytraps must not be tricked by putting objects like pen into their delicate leaves since their energy is wasted.


Anthurium[Buy it online]

These pretty ostentatious and pure ornamental houseplants will enhance the beauty of your home. The Anthurium flowers are typically red but can also be made hybrid with colros like lavender, pink and white blossoming out that last really long too. Their heart shaped leaves add to the beauty of this plant but it also contains toxic. So, this plant must be kept out of reach of kids and pets to avoid eating the leaves. It can grow upto 2-3 ft. under normal room temperature with medium sunlight.


Bonsai[Buy it online]

Known for cleaning and purifying the air around you in your home, this plant reaps many benefits and help people to recover from diseases like cold, flu or viral. Its medicinal properties make it an ideal houseplant and since it meets the climatic conditions to that of India, you can keep it right besides your window pane to soak in maximum sunlight. It needs high intensity of humidity and fertilizing too. Trim it from time to time to avoid long uneven growth.


Sansevieria[Buy it online]

This amazing houseplant is another beneficial indoor plant since it cleans and purifies the air by removing toxic substances including benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene from the air. It’s also known as Mother In Law’s Tongue Plants and Snake Plants. It needs dry soil, minimum water and damp condition with light or medium sunlight to grow. The succulent leaves provide enough food to the plant, hence they might die in case you over-water them. Store them at normal room temperature between 60-85degree Fahrenheit.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily[Buy it online]

This attractive houseplant is quite a commoner for people to keep it. The long white blooms accompanied with green tall stuff lean leaves exudes minimalistic happy vibes. It’s easy to grow this plant as it needs low intensity of sunlight and humidity. It can grow well n standard room temperatures of up to 85-degree Fahrenheit.


Peperomia[Buy it online]

These wide arrays of indoor plants are often colourful with a dash of vibrant colors to add a quirk in your room without taking lot of space. They can grow up to 1ft. under medium light conditions when kept in standard room temperature of 60 to 85 degree. They have a soft glossy textured leaf. Popular kinds of peperomia are watermelon, ripple, baby rubber plant etc.  It is a poisonous plant, hence must be kept away from kids and pets.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera[Buy it online]

This impeccable indoor plant is extremely beneficial for medicinal uses. From acne to skin brightening, health uses and lots more, aloe can be used in ways more than just one. It requires temperature around 70 degrees and needs enough sunlight to grow well. Also, being a succulent, the soil should be dry enough and hence no more water content is required. It can grow upto 3 ft. high.


Pothos[Buy it online]

Another interesting houseplant that helps in purifying air by absorbing and stripping away toxins like formaldehyde from the atmosphere and helping you to breathe free. It can be decorated in baskets or vines since its trail can grow as long as 8ft. It can grow well in appropriate lightning conditions and thrive on dry soil for a healthy and fuller growth. It should be kept in the normal room temperature.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant[Buy it online]

Remember these from your nanny’s home where these pretty hanging basket houseplants glorified your childhood days. These plants come in a wide variety- from plain green leaves to foliage marked with white or cream stripes. This pretty basket hanging plants need evenly moist soil, room temperature of up to 700 degree and medium sunlight to thrive.


Dieffenbachia[Buy it online]

This is a commonly grown houseplant in India and the attractive huge leaves with white stripes or splash of spots creates a visual treat. The hard foliage makes it quite a succulent and therefore you must water them in an optimum way for decent growth. The elliptical leaves of this tropical plant are available in green-yellow or green-cream colors with splashes and splotches for an artsy look. Decorate them at a shady corner of your house because they can grow in a minimum light area.