How to use a eyelash curler? Best eyelash curlers available in the market

What is an eyelash curler?

An eyelash curler is a hand operated instrument for curling the eyelashes. It is a good make up tool which gives the effect of big and bright eyes. It gives a well-defined shape to the eyes if used in different methods like giving a heavier look to the outer eyelashes. It can be used without any special professional training. It is an inexpensive small kit which can be taken anywhere. There are self-heating and battery operated eyelash curlers in the market.

How to use an eyelash curler?

Eyelash curler can be used after warming it or without warming it Best and longer results can be achieved by using the eyelash curler after warming it. It is a usually a metallic tool with a band of rubber that holds the eyelashes between them. Normally only the upper lashes are curled by the eyelash curler. The curler is held before the lashes like a scissor. The ends of the curler are semi-circular and the eye lashes go between the bands of rubber. The clamp is then closed andkept for 30 seconds. The process is to be repeated on the other eye. In order to get thick lashes follow it up with mascara.

Seven steps for using the eyelash curler

  1. Clean all the makeup from the eye lashes by using a makeup remover to get the best results.
  2. Heat the curler with the help of a hair dryer. There are self-heating curlers as well.
  3. Line up the warm curler with the bottom of the lashes, and hold for 10-30 seconds.
  4. The lashes become curlier if the curlers are held for a longer time.
  5. It is not safe to pull the curler up the eyelashes as it can pull the eyelashes out.
  6. Putting of the mascara is a popular misconception. It will clump the eyelashes and stick to the curler which can damage them.
  7. Give sometime for the eyelashes to dry before applying mascara and then allow some more time to dry.

The eyelashes will become fabulous and will add glamour to the looks.

Some popular eyelash curlers in India

Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler Black

tweezerman-super-curl-eyelash-curler-black[Buy it online]

No matter how much we put on, the eyes always plays an integral part. So doing the eyes properly becomes really important. Curling our eyelashes is as important as putting on the proper kajal. But then again it’s our eyes and it is the most unsafe region, a little here and there can become really danger for us. Tweezerman Super Curl Eyelash Curler Black, keeps this in mind and thus comes with silicone pads to take care of our eyes and doing the job at the same time. It will make you look beautiful and take that extra care of the eyes and not cause any sort of harm to those beautiful eyes of yours.

Maybelline New York Expert Tools, Eyelash Curler

maybelline-new-york-expert-tools-eyelash-curler[Buy it online]

It isn’t how you look, its how you look at him that matters the most. To give him that perfect look and make him fall for you, you have to have the perfect eyes and with much less of a hard-work now! Well Maybelline New York Expert Tools, Eyelash Curler has just made the job easier for you. All you need to do is use it, and your beautiful eyes will become gorgeous in less than a minute. With silicon pads, to go gentle on those vulnerable twins, it makes sure it leaves your eyes unhurt. The sleek and shiny steel body, it adds glamour to at the same time.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

shu-uemura-eyelash-curler[Buy it online]

All of us want to use products which are the best in business. The Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler is one such product that has been tried and tested, and it has passed those test with flying colours making females happy irrespective of age all over. This is one curler that not only makes you look good, but itself is beautiful with its ergonomic handles and shiny steel body. It comes with 1 free silicone refill, just to make sure safety is not compromised at any cost.

Eye lash curler

eye-lash-curler[Buy it online]

With prolonged use at times the steel plating wears off, causing allergies. But not the Tweezerman Neon Great Grip Eyelash Curler, since it’s made of Nickel free alloy, it won’t harm you even when the looks are gone. This is one product which defies age. The silicone pads are designed to not stick to your skin and its padded handles are made for comfortable use. It does not only make your lashes beautiful it takes care of you at the same time.

PAC Smart Eyelash Curler

pac-smart-eyelash-curler[Buy it online]

The PAC Smart Eyelash Curler is a coming of age advanced curler designed especially for round shaped eyes. It is made with the motive of not fitting in with all the other curlers available but to stand out among them and make its owner not only satisfied with it but also take pride in it. It makes sure that it curls every one of those eyelashes of yours and not just run through them for a more defined look. The silicone pad makes sure that its hassle free to get the look, thus enhancing its performance.

Gubb Eye Lash Curler

gubb-eye-lash-curler[Buy it online]

Curling the eyelashes can be a painful job if you do not possess the right curler. The Gubb Eye Lash Curler is one such curler does the job without causing any sort of irritation or harm to your eyes or eye lashes. With one extra gripper it promises to be there with you for a long time. It’s easy to use and makes sure that you get the perfect look every single time you use it.

Adbeni U-lucky Eyelashes Curler

adbeni-u-lucky-eyelashes-curler[Buy it online]

The Adbeni U-lucky Eyelashes Curler is a pocket friendly tool, that gets you set for that big bash without burning a hole in your pocket. It’s the right tool for the ones who do not like to splurge on beauty tools. And why should one buy those, when this curler does all the work of those costly curlers. It takes care of your eyes and eyelashes. Not making the process painful.

Foolzy Black Professional Eyelash Curler

foolzy-black-professional-eyelash-curler[Buy it online]

Doing your eyelashes properly can be a tough task, if adequate time is not spent on the job. But spending substantial time behind your eyelashes can be demanding.  The Foolzy Black Professional Eyelash Curler is the tool to meet your demands. It gets your eyelashes done in no time. It gives you the look as done by a professional within minutes, sitting at home. All you need to do is read the instructions carefully and start working on your beautiful eyelashes to make them gorgeous.

Black Rubber Makeup Tool Eyelash Curler Replacement Pads

black-rubber-makeup-tool-eyelash-curler-replacement-pads[Buy it online]

You spend hours behind your makeup, but do not get the adequate results, ever asked why? Well it’s your eyes that need a bit of styling. The Black Rubber Makeup Tool Eyelash Curler is the tool that will give your eyes the much needed detailing by curling your eyelashes to perfection. So the next time you up for a party just use it and let your eyes do all the talking. It comes in with extra replacement pads to be with you for a long time. It takes care of your eyes and does not harm them, so simply read the instructions and get going.

Foolzy Purple Professional Eyelash Curler


Let your eyes do all the talking the next time you’re in a gathering. The Foolzy Purple Professional Eyelash Curler does all the work and makes your eyelashes enchanting, all you need to do is use it and let the magic do the rest. It’s smooth and makes sure to go easy on your gentle eyelashes, thus not troubling you much. With its staunch design it makes sure it remains your companion for life.

Basicare 1031 Eyelash Curler


Most of the curlers available in the market have a design that you have to adjust your eyes during the process of curling, causing a lot of discomfort and at last spoiling your mood. The Basicare 1031 Eyelash Curler is one such curler that adapts to your eyes and makes sure the job is done with ease keeping your mood right. It makes sure that your eyes are perfectly done for the occasion making it your biggest asset. With its stainless steel body it comes planned to be with you for a long time.

Vega Eyelash Curle

shiseido eyelash curler

It is the most basic eyelash curler to start with. The rubber band on it is soft to the lashes. It is a cheap, simple, no fuss curler that is easy to use and provides a decent curl to the lashes.

Vega Premium Eye lash curler


Curler has a plastic handle that gives a better grip. It works similarly like the basic curler.

Basic are euro eyelash curler


It has contoured handles which allows the fingers to slide around. It features a contour design that fits into the lashes. The greatest advantage of it is that it is supplied with an extra pair of rubber bands. It gives a good look to the lashes.

Konad eyelash curler


It comes in a pretty pink packaging and a white plastic handle. Its powerful mechanism adds dams to the eyes by holding up the lashes. It comes with an additional pad of rubber pad.

Faces eyelash curler


From the stable of the beauty company Faces has a plastic handle for better grip and it comes with an extra rubber pad and gives you intense. It is available in all Faces stores and is easily available online also.

Color bar Showstopper eyelash curler


It comes in a colorful black and pink combination. The regular band of rubber that is found in curlers is replaced in this true to its name, colorbar eyelash curler. It provides a smooth curling experience as it does not pinch anywhere. Its handle resembles that of a pair of scissors.

Insta eyelash curler by Fuchsia Line


It is a pinch and pain free curler with an extra refill pad to enhance the beauty of the eyelashes.

Tweezerman LTD Deluxe Metal Eyelash Curler


It is the most popular product available online in India. The thick rounded silicone pad curls the lashes instantly without creasing the lashes. It provides a naturally dramatic long lasting curl to the eyelashes. This is one of the piece that includes three free non-stick stick’ silicone pads.