Best eyeliners available in market

Eyeliner is one among the eye makeup that will make your eye look big and attractive. Even it will bring a good shape to your eyes especially when the eye boundary, eye lashes etc are not really visible. You must have seen the Chinese and Mongolian girls who have very small eyes.

In order to make their eye look more visible and attractive, the eyeliners would play an important role. Latest brands of eye liners will be available in the market which will be boosted with great quality. You can now grab them online.

When you are applying makeup over your face focusing on eye will be an important factor. Proper highlight on your eye will be an important factor to give a lively finishing touch to your make up. In order to make your eyes attractive eyeliners are used from various brands. Today, you also don’t have to visit the cosmetic stores in order to get the particular eyeliner for your make up.

There are many online shopping sites from where you can easily get the best quality eye liners along with free home delivery. You can also get the feedback of the customers who have already used the product. Thus, you can easily judge about which one to be selected and which ones to be rejected.

Eye liners are used for highlighting the eyes of an individual so that her eyes become distinct within the face. You can also create a dramatic look in your eyes with the help of some eye liners that suites you the best. You can now get eye liners that are brought by both Indian as well as foreign traders. Online e commerce websites can provide the right review of the product you are going to purchase. All the reviews are genuine and have come directly from the mouth of individuals who have used the product.

Best eyeliners in the market

Maybelline Dramatic Gel Liner, Black

eye-studio-lasting-drama-gel-eyeliner_pack-shot-crop[Buy it online]

You must have heard about Maybelline as it is one of the reputed brand in the market that manufactures the cosmetic products. The eyeliner brought in the Indian market by the foreign manufacturing company has oil free formula with clear gel base that is absolutely smudge proof. Even if your touch your eyes and rub accidentally, your eye liner will remain as it is as it is a smudge proof formula. Even if you are wearing the contact lens, you are safe to use this dramatic eye liner and look beautiful.

L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique (Black)

KM 1[Buy it online]

This is a not exactly the eye liner but is a combination between an eye liner and kajal pencil. This is a new generation formula that is associated with mineral pigments which gives rise to deep intense color. This variety of eyeliner is enriched with vitamin C, cocoa butter, olive oil easter to create soothing appearance on your eye. It is also a variety which remains smudge proof for 12 hours.

Color bar waterproof liquid eye liner, black

CBC01FM80022_3[Buy it online]

The product is water proof liquid used to highlight your eyes and look it very natural. It is so effective that there will be no scope of cracking, smudging or peeling. It will remain as it is for a longer period of time. The eye liner also comes with an applicator which has a flexible feeling with a tip applicator. You don’t have to draw lines repeatedly; rather a single stroke will be enough. This dries very fast and is very good for sensitive eye as well.

Lakme eyeconic Kajal

Lakme-Women-Kajal_a42c232c30fe7ab979ec2bec549ebdcd_images_1080_1440_mini[Buy it online]

Though the name says this is a kajal, yet it has all properties of an eye liner. You can use this for both eye liner as well as kajal. If you want to get an iconic look like your favorite film star, this product brought from Lakme is really amazing. The slim twist of this exclusive range of Lakme Iconic Kajal is regarded as the best friend of every girl. This kajal is very dark in color and stays more than 10 hours. If you are going to the discotheque, this wonderful Iconic Kajal is really attractive and makes you look very beautiful.

Lakme Absolute shine liner, black 4.5 ml

lakme-absolute-precision-liquid-liner1[Buy it online]

The leading brand in Indian market, Lakme has launched variety of products in the market among which this eye liner works well for ladies with different styles and preferences. Since this dries very quickly, excess oil will be absolutely absorbed. Since this comes in very sleek and stylish case, you will always have a tendency to look at the case whenever you view it while in a process of taking something out from the bag. This also comes with a thin long handed brush which provides an ease to apply eye liner. There is no chance of your hand to touch your eye lid which gives rise to no scope of smudge.

Lakme Insta Liner

insta-liner[Buy it online]

The eye liner is the most simplest one in the market which can be used every time you require whether while going to an official meeting or a casual fest with your friends. Even this is very low in price which can be affordable by many people belonging to variety of social status. You can also order it online from E commerce websites.

Coloressence supreme eyeliner, Black

Coloressence supreme eyeliner, Black[Buy it online]

Coloressence is a new cosmetic company that uses natural ingredients to make their range of products. They guarantee about no side effects after using their products for a longer duration of time. You can now get this product in compact size of 9ml which is ideal for a standard eye liner quantity.  The color of this eye liner is rich black which will create attractiveness of your eye. Even the applicator has a perfect density to suite applying liner in every variety of eyes. Even it can dry up very easily , thus there is no chance that the liner will touch the lower portion of eye brow. If you place your order for this liner, the seller will deliver it within 4-7 business days.

Maybelline lasting drama eye liner

Maybelline lasting drama eye liner[Buy it online]

As the name suggest, this particular type of eye liner brought into the market by Maybelline has an effect of dramatic look. Even the color would last for a long time. When you are touching your eyes as soon as some dust particles gets inside there is a tendency that your eye liner can get spoiled. But with Maybelline lasting drama eye liner this will not be possible as it is totally smudge free. Even if you run your eyes several times accidentally, your eye makeup will not get spoiled.  Since the applicator has a unique tip of brush it will be easily applied and can be extended till 36 hours.

Lakme 9 to 5 black impact Liner

Lakme 9 to 5 black impact Liner[Buy it online]

It is one of the exclusive varieties of black color eye liner in the market which is recommended by various users.  Since it is made from the smudge free technology, people can stay away from dark spots and patches over their eye even after application of the eye liner for a long time. You will be able to customize the width as well as depth of the outline.  Since the liner is present in electric purple color body, the package also remains really very attractive.  The product also has a great pigmentation due to which it will be quite easy to roll over the upper as well as lower eye lids.  Just by running the nip along the eye, the liner will get placed exclusively.  This will help making your eyes look really beautiful and stunning.

Revlon Color stay one stroke defining eyeliner, blackest black

Revlon Color stay one stroke defining eyeliner, blackest black[Buy it online]

With your eyes you can easily express what you want to say to the other person just in front of you. If your eye is dull and pale, the scope of expression becomes less. But with Revlon color stay stroke defining eyeliner, it will be quite easy for you to get a wonderful shape of your eye. Even in a single stroke, it will be quite easy to get a proper lining of your eye.  Since the lead of the pencil is structured with the new silicone gel, your skin will be very silky and smooth. People applying this particular eye liner will get a classy look with great elegance. With any type of outfit you are wearing, this particular eyeliner will work like a magic.

You can also get a long lasting eyeliner without any blackish look. Since the eyeliner also has a plastic casting, it will definitely add attractiveness to the total package of your outfit with damage free warranty. Ladies with all age group starting from teen age to elderly women can do this.

HR Hilary Rhoda Blackest black Eyeliner Pen

hr-hilary-rhoda-blackest-black-eyeliner-pen[Buy it online]

Many of us have a fascination towards the black eyeliner. It is just due to the fact that we Indian are proud of our natural black hairs. A perfect match with the eye brows, eye lashes and hair will be this particular black color eye liner. Even the price of the eye liner is also really reasonable. This will last for 12 long hours once you have applied it.

Music flower long lasting gel eye liner

music-flower-long-lasting-gel-eye-liner[Buy it online]

You must be really bored of the same names of eye liner brands repeatedly. Even you wish to try something different. Music Flower is one among such brand that will give you quality eye liner. You can get two shades of eye liners in one pack. One will be black and other will be brown.  The smudge proof eye liner will last for a long time.

NM Menow dynamic liquid eye liner pen

nm-menow-dynamic-liquid-eye-liner-pen[Buy it online]

You must be willing to get the variety of make ups that will stay on your face for a long time. If something is incomplete within your facial makeup, this particular eye liner will be a wonderful consideration. Since it is really portable you can carry in any way according to your desire. Whether you wish to go for an outing with your friends or proceed with your family for a party, carrying this eye liner will be an advantage. You can apply it again in the wash room to get a fresh and admirable look.

Insight Shiny Eyeliner

insight-shiny-eyeliner[Buy it online]

The intense black Insight Shiny Eyeliner is completely waterproof and smudge-free. For easy application the applicator is designed in such a way that the special grade of nylon fiber help to glide easily onto eyelids. The Insight intense black eyeliner dries quickly within few seconds and stays for a longer time period. It also allows you to get a thin or thick line on your eyelids which dry out instantly within few seconds.

Maybelline Hyper Glossy Liquid Liner

maybelline-hyper-glossy-liquid-liner[Buy it online]

The Maybelline Hyper Gloss Liquid eye liner adds up to the beauty of your face. The instant color dries quickly and gives you a shining bold look. It gives a complete control for glossy and thick lines on your eyelids. It is a complete waterproof liquid eye liner. It doesn’t smudges easily and lasts for a longer span of time. The glossy liquid liner increases the charm of your eyes.

C.A.L Los Angeles Draw Me Eyeliner Black

c-a-l-los-angeles-draw-me-eyeliner-black[Buy it online]

CAL Los Angeles Draw Me Eyeliner lets you customize the applicator. It allows you to choose the brush and apply the eye liner. You can now draw the desired line for your eyelids no matter thick or thin or cat eyes. It gives a fine look and doesn’t smudge at all. The intense black color lets you to express all the style through your eyes.

Maybelline the Colossal Liner

maybelline-the-colossal-liner[Buy it online]

The Colossal liner from Maybelline is the one you should prefer. It comes with a brush applicator which helps in better application. It helps you to control the line. It gives you an intense glossy look. Being smudge free eyeliner, it lasts for almost 10 to 12 hours. You can easily apply it on your eyes anywhere anytime.

Oriflame Pure Color Eyeliner

oriflame-pure-color-eyeliner[Buy it online]

Oriflame Pure Color Eyeliner is the one which gives you an intense look in just one stroke. The jet black color of the eyeliner gives a great shape to your eyes. It makes your eyes look sharper and attractive. The brand is one of the most trusted and used brands in India, and they never fail to impress the women with the products.

Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner

line-design-sketch-eyeliner[Buy it online]

The Line & Design Sketch Eyeliner is the new generation eye writer pen. The advanced technology delivers a high end color precision. It gives a fine line boundary around your eyes. The fine pointed tip of the applicator gives you the desired look you want to have. It gives a deep black color to your eyelids. It doesn’t fades out easily and dries very quickly. It stays for a longer span of time and is completely waterproof.

L’Oreal Paris Super Liner

loreal-paris-super-liner[Buy it online]

This product has been introduced for women so that they can easily apply the eyeliners, without worrying about having is smudged. The liner comes with a sponge tip and the applicator has been created with a handle that is comfortable to hold. The tip gives you a felt pen feel and women with shaky hands will be able to take complete control of the product. The tip allows you to choose between fine lines and thick winged effects.

Blue Heaven Combo

blue-heaven-combo[Buy it online]

This product from Blue Heaven is a long lasting eye wear and is absolutely smudge-free. It has been packed in sleek and retractable pencil. It comes along with a sharpener to make your tips slightly finer. The pencil has a high intensity and makes your eyes look way more attractive. This product can be easily carried and used. The sharpener is detachable and gives you perfect aid. The eye writing pen glides through your eyes and gives you precision!

Simply Pretty Liquid Eyeliner

simply-pretty-liquid-eyeliner[Buy it online]

This product is known to make your eyeliner last all day. It comes with a matte finish which lasts you long and gives you an attractive presence. This is one of the most affordable products which such service, and you simply cannot ignore a reputed brand as this.

Elle 18 water resists BO liner

elle-18-water-resists-bo-liner[Buy it online]

Add some drama to your life with this product which is loved by all young women. It comes with a brush applicator which easily glides through your eyelids with one fluid stroke. The best part about this is that it comes in four different colors and you can choose them according to your at-trite. None-the-less, the amazing black effect always retains its charm.

Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eyeliner

revlon-color-stay-liquid-eyeliner[Buy it online]

Revlon has made a comeback and it has been exceptionally amazing! Their products are regaining the love in the hearts of Indian women and they deserve all the praise. The eyeliner presented by the company glides through the eyelids and gives a dramatic effect. It comes with a waterproof formula which doesn’t smear, fade or smudge. It is known to last as long as 16 hours!

Sugar Eye Told You So! Smudge proof Eyeliner

sugar-eye-told-you-so-smudge-proof-eyeliner[Buy it online]

If you need a product which works quick and smooth, you can opt for this product. This is new Smudge proof Eyeliner which applies fast and redefines the look of your eyes. This has been specially designed in an easy-to-apply pen format and looks perfect for all. Give your eyes the desired silky-matte finish that it deserves and doesn’t let it smudge or peel off. This product is known to last one whole day, so you must make sure that you wear it off before you go to bed!