Best face washes for acne available in market

There are literally hundreds on anti-acne face washes in the cosmetic shops. It is normal that you cannot try using one and all and some times they may not work effectively on your acne. Choose the products according to your skin type and acne type. Moreover, all products are not similar in price, functionalities and availability. So while shopping around, you might want to check which product will work the best for you.

Himalaya Neem Face Wash

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Himalaya products are herbal goodies which leave an effective impact on you. This is their face was which has been specially designed from acnes and pimples. This is a soap-free formula which cleans away impurities and keeps your face clear. The product comes with the natural mixture of neem and turmeric which are both antibacterial and anti-fungal in nature. They prevent repetition of skin problems and give you a fresher look which every appliance. This product is also known to remove itchiness, redness and irritation from your skin. It improves the skin and relieves you from bacterial infections which can possibly retain from acnes, ulcers or boils. The magical content of turmeric heals and purifies skin from within. It also evens out skin and makes skin more elastic and supple. The strong anti-inflammatory properties also help skin soothe out.

Lotus Herbals Tea Tree and Cinnamon Face Wash

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This herbal product comes with the goodness of cinnamon and tea-tree oil. It is known to clear out the excess oil content from skin and regulate a stable oil production. The product has been seen to dry out oily skin and is perfect for women who have extremely greasy and sticky skin. It gives an instant dryness and can then be added with light moisturizing cream.

Richfeel Anti Acne Face Wash with Calendula Extracts

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The product from Richfeel comes with the powers of calendula flowers, which is an essential addition to any skin and complexion. When you use constant makeup under harsh weather conditions, it makes your skin messy, especially when it is oily. Have your face deeply cleansed and give your face what it needs. The floral and anti-bacterial properties in this product make it perfect for diminishing acnes. This deeply going into your skin and cleanses out impurities and excess oil. It gives the skin rich falconoid content which prevents from further cell damage resulting from oxidation.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

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This is one of the best products, approved by the dermatologists and cleanses acne deeply. It is a mild cleanser which has been brought for oily skin which is also on the sensitive end. It is recommended by most doctors, especially as it washes out bacteria from skin. There is salicylic acid in the face wash and it effectively fights pimples. Have your skin looking clean and fresh, and prevent it from parching or drying.

Garnier Skin Naturals Pure Active Neem Face Wash

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This product is a good choice to cleanse skin and remove pollutants. It gives your face a clear and fresh look which three time purifying actions that fight dirt and dust. This product also sucks out the excess oil and evens out your skin. It comes with natural ingredients and suits all skin types. People who are allergic to chemicals you can try this product. It comes with a soap-free formula which leaves the skin smooth and supple. It doesn’t cause much of dryness, but you should moisturize the skin. With the goodness of neem leaf extract and tea tree oil content, the product becomes highly anti-septic and reduces acnes. It goes deep in and brings out a glowing appearance.

Dr Batras Face Wash Acne Clear

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This is an anti-acne face wash from a trusted brand. It is known to deeply cleanse skin and make it smoother from how it was before. It comes with the highest product reviews and is recommended for all oily-skinned women. The brand is also known to use natural ingredients and have chemical-free products.

Oshea Neempure Anti Acne & Pimple Face Wash

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The oil control face wash is formulated for pimple-prone and oily skin. It includes neem leaf extract which deeply cleanses oily skin and diminishes pimples. The neem leaf extract cleanses the impurities and refreshes skin. The anti-septic and anti-microbial properties help you heal acne, eczema, blemishes, etc. Apply the face wash on wet skin and massage well. It can be also used for oil skinned beauties.

Clean & Clear Continuous Control Acne Cleanser

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The products by this brand has mostly stressed on acne removal. The name of the brand itself talks about keeping the face clean and clear, and their products are largely loved by the youth. They have a wide range of products which focus on face cleansing, and this particular pick reduces and control acnes to build up. Add this to cart if you have heavy pimples and want them to be reduced quickly.

Aroma Magic Neem and Tea Tree Face Wash

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This product comes with neem extracts which is the best ingredient from cleansing away pimples. It deeply washes away acne and pimples. The rose petal extracts strikes a balance with the neem extract, and gives the perfect aroma you’d want your face to have. After the goodness of these two, it is further added with tea tree, which enhances the effect. After cleaning the impurities of the skin, the product also gives a relaxing feeling to the face.

Ozone Acne Check Face Wash

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This face wash is known to reduce inflammation and heals skin. It also controls excess oil and keeps the skin normally dry. It contents the goodness of aloe vera, lemon and turmeric, which are all perfect for acne reduction and oil control. This product will also heal your skin.

Aloe Veda Face Wash

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This face cleanser is known to come with the goodness of lavender and tea tree oil. It follows the non-comedogenic formula which is to include active ingredients that destroys bacteria from the pores of our face which lead to breakouts and inflaming. It is mild for sensitive and oily skin, and can be used regularly. This will help you shed the old and damaged skin, and produce new baby skin. With the addition of aloe vera, you are added with a moisturizing effect. There are no harsh ingredients included in this product, like alpha hydroxy acids, parabens or alcohol. This gets easily rinsed off and doesn’t get dry or itchy.

Sri Sri Ayurveda Anti Acne Face Wash

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This product has been formulated with the significant ingredients which boost acne cleansing. Our skin gets a good supply linoleic acid which strengthens the membranes of our cells and betters the skin health. It also has grade seed extracts, and a considerable content of antioxidant ability, which doesn’t let pores to clog. The tea-tree oil is known to have natural antibacterial properties which make this product an excellent option over harsh synthetic chemical-based products. Use a small amount of the face wash and let it penetrate deep into your skin and disinfect pores. This product is known to dry out whiteheads, pimples, blackhead and blemishes. It also comes with ginger extracts which is a natural enzyme for curing the acne and bettering the blood circulation.

Vaadi Herbals Value Pack of Anti Acne Neem Face Wash

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This product gives a double action formula for control acne and regulating the production of sebum. It kills the acne causing bacteria and comes with astringent actions which unclog pores and prevents the re-occurrence of acne. It comes with antioxidant and tea tree extract which heals and soothes the skin down and controls infection. This product also has neem which makes the effect slightly improved.

Fair and Lovely Fairness Face Wash

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Just a flawless complexion as you use this multi vitamin face wash. This protects you from sun radiation and dust. This has been made with glycerin, myristic acids and water. The multi vitamin enriched face wash makes sure that you have bright and clean skin. It also vitalizes skin pores and smoothens the tone. Using the product regularly will protect you from acne and give instant fairness. It is also known to make your skin softer.

Pears Oil Clear Glow Face Wash

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Pear is one of the best brands to provide quality. This product deeply cleanses your skin and reduces oil from your face. It has been enriched with active ingredients like lemon flower extracts that remove the acne and acne spots. It is mild face cleanser than can be used as and when you want. It works like a natural astringent which cleans out your pores and gives a glowing effect.

Cetaphil’s daily facial cleanser

Cetaphil’s daily facial cleanser[Buy it online]

The mild solution of thus face wash makes it perfect for those having sensitive skin. It is dermatologist recommended for everyday use for all types of skin from normal, dry and oily skin. It is free of fragrance, and was actually formulated by skin specialists to maintain the skin health of people having oily to normal skin. It does not clog pores, but remove traces of makeup and surface oil, without drying skin. No wonder, it also works to cure acne. However, make sure that you do not wear any makeup while washing your face with it. If you do, then the mild face wash might not be able to do its work properly. Also, this face wash is priced heftily; hence it might not be just the thing for a budget buyer.

Kaya skin clinic soothing cleansing gel

Kaya skin clinic soothing cleansing gel[Buy it online]

Kaya is, undoubtedly the most trusted name in the world of skincare and beauty. This cleansing gel comes with a soap-free formula, and its foaming agents provide with a gentle, yet thorough cleaning action. It also comes with a fair share of moisturizing agents, which makes the skin silky smooth. So far its acne curing properties are concerned, it comes with Zinc Lactate and vitamin B3, which not only treats acne, but also addresses to issues like dark spots. As for its cosmetic property, it is good to remove makeup.

Ducray Keracnyl foaming gel

Ducray Keracnyl foaming gel[Buy it online]

This one is marketed in India by Abbot Healthcare, and is frequently prescribed by dermatologists to their patients who get acne owning to frequent exposure to pollution, dust, as well as acne. The key ingredients of this international bestseller are zinc salicylate and Glycolic acid. It might be little harsh on your skin due to the chemicals it contain, but it is an effective cure for acne, undoubtedly. It is soap free, does not clog pores and hypoallergenic in nature. Moreover, its relatively small shelf life (about a year) means it contains fewer preservatives, something that you should appreciate. You’ll also love the fact that it is easy to wash off and after you have used it, your skin looks smoother, more even and fresh. Expect better results with continuous usage. However, its flimsy packaging does not make the product a favorite with traveling women. And given it is exclusively available at pharmaceuticals, you are likely to have a boring shopping time.

KHADI fenugreek face wash

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