Mobile apps (Andorid & IOS) for tracking child health

Unrecognizable young mother with her newborn baby son in sling at home, holding smart phone, writing something

Are you bother about your child overall well being? Are you searching the best ways to give proper attention to your child? Now stop being worried because there are the Childs tracking apps a good assistance waiting for you to solve your problems. Reading, listening, and seeing the news about Childs disappearance has become common and in this situation, it’s quite genuine to be bothered about the security of your child. The proper nourishment of your child is a big task for you as well as the need of your baby. We are here to let you know the best android & IOS (mobile) apps that can help you to secure your child by knowing their tracking details.

Find My Kid – Footprints

Find My Kid – FootprintsGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

Do you want to know where your child is all the time? If the answer to this question is yes then find my kids–footprints is the best option that you can look for the purpose of your child’s security. This app helps you to know automatically where your child goes while carrying the mobile. You can easily track his/her exact location and reach the accurate destination. This app will also help your child to share the location info to those who are permitted. You can find this app free of cost but there will be charges for the subscription to get tracking feature.

My kid’s health

My kid’s healthGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app is used for several things like vaccination schedule the histories of growth and illness. Using this helps you to know about your baby’s diagnosis and treatment while tracking the data of latest vaccination that is having the information from the W.H.O (world health organization).

Eat sleep


How would it be if you able to track your baby’s routine on one finger tap? Do you want that your baby should get the best routine? Well, every parent wants the same and here we are introducing the app that will solve all your problems on just one tap. Eat sleep app helps you to learn the easiest way to check your baby’s sleeping, diaper, and eating habits. This is the best way to make sure that your child has no health issues.

Baby connect


This the app that introduces itself by the name, this app give you a great connectivity with your baby to ensure your baby’s good health. You can easily stay connected to your baby’s health, growth, and development with baby connect. There are great features included in this app that help you to stay updated with your baby’s nursing, pumping, bottle feeding, baby’s mood, sleep, doctor visit, and other activities that are important for the better growth of your baby. There is also a great feature to set the reminder alarms that help you to get your baby cared at the perfect time.

Baby Food Allergy Tracker

Baby Food Allergy TrackerGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

It’s really important to track any types of uncommon changes and allergies that occur due to food once your child starts having the solid food. The process of tracking the food allergies get easy with the help of this app. You will get to know about the food that your baby needs, keep notes on the food your child has taken as well as track the suspected reactions that your child may have. It indicates the reaction wit orange shade on the list of your food so that you may be aware of those foods for future.

Infant Risk Center

Infant Risk CenterGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This app basically helps you with the medication. The purpose of creating this app was to help the healthcare providers. There is the great information about medication for the pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers to intake. The best part of this is it gets updated daily while including the information on the drug that is prescribed and non-prescribed.

Baby sprout

Baby sprout appGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

You can easily keep the record of your baby’s weekly, monthly, and yearly growth with the help of this app. Baby sprout also helps you to track memories and monitor the drug and keeps you updated on the growth and the development of your baby.