Valentine gift ideas for her

Well, the Valentine’s Day is really close now and if you are in a relationship or you are still friends with her, in both the cases giving her the right gift can be actually the best thing to do. If you are married, this special day of love needs special celebration and without gifts it can never be complete. First let me make it clear, on the Valentine’s Day the best thing that you can gift your spouse or partner is your love and respect, but obviously adding some more glitter on it with the perfect gift will only make things better.

Here are some ideal Valentine gift ideas for her; some of these are expensive while some are very budget friendly. We hope that your valentine will never make the mistake of weighing your gift for its price more than the love embellished on it. You need to choose the right one from here according to the depth of your relationship and also your budget. So, do not waste any more time, check out this list quickly and be prepared to celebrate the special day in a special way.

When cupid strikes, you are in trouble, but for good! You believe so too, isn’t it? Finding your love and the person, who completes you, totally deserves an annual celebration in the form of Valentine’s Day. So how can you make her feel special that day; have you started planning something?

Apart from taking her out on a dinner date or for a movie, or somewhere far and nice, you can make your girl feel loved and more special by gifting her something! Cause hey! Who does not like gifts?

Here in this article, we have shared with you some gift ideas in case you are going nuts about what to present to your special one. Come on! Dig in to find out!

A big fluffy teddy bear

A big fluffy teddy bear[Buy it online]

Well a teddy bear is a friend your girl can cuddle with when you will not be around at nights! How thoughtful of you, isn’t it? Moreover, every boy should compulsorily present at least one big fluffy teddy bear to his lover once in his lifetime. That is cliched, but well okay. Girls love teddy bears!

Bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates

Bouquet of flowers and box of chocolates[Buy it online]

Well, again a little cliched and cheesy, but girls love bouquets of their favorite flowers! Be it a bunch of red roses, or some fresh orchids; give your girl her favorite flowers, and couple them with a box, full of her favorite chocolates! She could not ask for more!

Candy bra/G-string

Candy bra or G-string[Buy it online]

Ah! This is to bring out your naughtiness! Gift her this unique free-sized bra made of candies or G-string and see her blush like never before. Perfect to set the mood for a steamy night eh?

A gorgeous gown

A gorgeous gown[Buy it online]

Is there a girl who is not fond of fashion? Well, we do not know about her then! Buy your love, a beautiful maxi dress or a gown (preferably of solid colors), and ask her to wear it for the date night on the same day!

A personalized collage/photo frame/mug/pillow

A personalized gift[Buy it online]

Girls love it when you show you have done something by yourself and made them a card or so! They love more of personalized stuff! So, take a little advantage of technology, and gift your girl a personalized mug, or t-shirt, or collage, photo frame or a pillow with your favorite photos and surprise her!

“100 reasons why I love you” cards

“100 reasons why I love you” cards[Buy it online]

Is your girlfriend the one who keeps asking, “why do you love me?” randomly? Now you should finally give her reasons. Not just one, but hundred! Gift her this box with “100 reasons why I Love you” and let her know why she is so special. The smile that she will have while reading the cards will totally make your day!

A relaxing body-spa gift voucher

A relaxing body-spa gift voucher[Buy it online]

Help your lover relax for a day and gift her a body spa voucher in some reputed salon/spa! This would help her to calm her mind, rejuvenate her senses, relax her body, and make her fall deeply in love with you for such a thoughtful gift!

Funky rings/ear-rings

Funky rings/ear-rings[Buy it online]

If your girlfriend loves jewelry, gift her beautiful pairs of earrings, or rings. You could choose between silver mid-rings, rings, earrings, or copper colored jewelry or diamond/gold/platinum ones in case you can afford it!


Books[Buy it online]

Is your girl a big fan of books? Does she keep digging into books whenever she gets free time? Well, then what could make her happier than books? ‘What is she doing here’, ‘Upfront and Personal’, ‘The Seamstress’, ‘When I Found You’, ‘Johnny be Good’, ‘The Mistress of Nothing’, ‘The Heretic’s Daughter’, ‘The White Queen’, ‘How to build a girl’, ‘Big Little Lies’, ‘Beautiful Disaster’ are some options to consider.

Body care/makeup products

Body care/makeup products[Buy it online]

If your girl is crazy for lipsticks, nail polishes, or other makeup and body care products, gift her a hamper consisting of the same! There are good branded companies that launch special valentine packages as well, which would make for a perfect gift for your love!


Watch[Buy it online]

Watches are for everyone! If your woman loves watches, gift her a nice analogue metal watch this Valentine’s. You could also go for funky, gothic styled watches to present something different.

Metal swan pair home décor

Metal swan pair home décor[Buy it online]

This beautiful show piece has a unique look to it and it actually depicts the sense of love in a very subtle way. The piece is small in size, and intricately worked which makes it ideal to be placed anywhere. This decor is handcrafted and it truly looks classy. This showpiece can be an ideal gift for any girl in love with you. This product is available online only for a price of INR.500.

Half heart couple

Half heart couple[Buy it online]

This cute showpiece coupled with a bar of chocolate can always make a good gift for Valentine’s Day.  The dolls and the broken heart with the “miss you” tag on it make it ideal as a Valentine’s Day gift for the lovers. Gift this unique show piece to your valentine to make the special day really memorable. This product is available online for a price of around INR. 700.

Key chain with a pink rose

Key chain with a pink rose[Buy it online]

If you think that your relationship is still at a nascent stage and it will need more time to build on, this small gift can be an ideal choice for her. This high quality key chain comes with a perfectly crafted pink rose and two silver balls that look absolutely classy. It is a high quality chain and can hold light weight keys. This key chain also comes for a very pocket friendly price of around INR 250.

Crystal pendant with red heart

Crystal pendant with red heart[Buy it online]

This is a unique piece of jewelry that can perfectly fit into the mood of the Valentine’s Day. This beautiful crystal pendant comes with a sleek necklace and the red heart shaped stone held within the silver heart looks absolutely classy. This is a quality jewelry that will stay with your valentine forever. It is made from imported Austrian crystals and can be the best Valentine’s Day gift.

Gold plated rose in silver

Gold plated rose in silver[Buy it online]

Love is more precious than gold and if you want to express your love for her on this valentine day with an appropriate gift then nothing can say it better than this gold plated beautifully crafted rose. This high quality product looks absolutely classy and can make a perfect gift for the person you love. This item comes with life time warranty and hence you can be assured that your loved one will have this gift from you with her forever. This gold plated rose is available within INR. 1000.

Stone pebble with a special massage

Stone pebble with a special massage[Buy it online]

You can express your feelings for your partner with this unique and cute gift. This item might not have much materialistic value but it is sure to have the maximum value in a lover’s heart. This item comes with high quality printing with a life time warranty and can make an ideal and unique gift on this Valentine’s Day.

Heart tea lights set

Heart tea lights set[Buy it online]

This crystal made heart shaped tea lights set of 2 has a very romantic look and feel.  This red colored cute gift can make a classy and unique choice of gift for your love. It is made from best quality material and signifies love and passion. This gift can be perfect to create a romantic mood on the special day of love.

Platinum plated crystal bracelet

Platinum plated crystal bracelet[Buy it online]

There are no women who do not adore jewelries and when it comes to a sleek bracelet, it is sure to charm her. This bracelet can be a lasting memory for the woman you love and the best thing about this bracelet is that it can suit every personality. This beautiful gift can also be ideal to make a perfect impression on her. This bracelet is currently available within INR. 500.


Eau de Parfum[Buy it online]

A high quality eau de perfume is always a good option for gifting her in Valentine’s Day. However, the problem here is that, to gift a woman a perfume that she will actually like you will have to know her really well. So, while buying the Elizabeth Arden Pretty EDP Spray for her or the My Red Eau de Parfum be sure which one she would actually like and if you are confused then better you move on to another gift. The best thing about perfumes is that they come in so many varieties and budgets and the beautiful bottles can serve no less purpose than show pieces.


Lipstick[Buy it online]

If your girl uses makeup she most probably uses lipsticks too and there are hardly any women who will not be happy with a good branded lipstick of a pretty color. There are so many varieties and brands available in lipsticks but before you make the purchase make sure that you opt for a variety and a shade that your valentine loves to use. If she has a knack for earthy tones gifting her even with the brick red lipstick from MAC is surely not a good idea. So, chose the shade and the brand with care.

A special mug with heart

A special mug with heart[Buy it online]

For people looking out for unique gifts for their spouse on this Valentine’s Day this “Be mine” printed coffee mug with a cute heart cushion can actually make a perfect option. This simple gift can say many things on behalf of you and is sure to be liked by your valentine. This gift is available in a very pocket friendly price and can be ideal to convey the sense of the Valentine’s Day.

If you think that the Valentine’s Day gift for her should come with a special touch from you then here are some Valentine gift ideas for her that you are sure to like,

A surprise box with music

A surprise box with music[Buy it online]

Always remember that friendship makes the base of every relationship and if you enjoy a really friendly relation with your spouse this one can actually be the right gift for her with a special touch from you. Different types of surprise boxes are available. You can certainly pick one that pops out a small teddy or a bunch of roses and plays the favorite romantic song of your spouse on opening. Do not forget to add a few words of love within the box and do not miss her million dollar expression on opening the box.

A photo frame with you two

A photo frame with you two[Buy it online]

If you want to give your love a gift with a special touch from you, settle for this idea. Buy a photo frame of your choice. In this matter you actually have excess of options and you only need to add a picture of you two in this frame before gifting it to her. This simple gift can actually mean a lot for her; so do not miss this opportunity to say her how much you care.

Say it on the wall

Say it on the wall

In the rare case that you are not very convinced with any of the above gifting ideas, check out this one. However, this idea can be implemented only if you two are living together. Buy a beautiful rose wall sticker. Opt for the ones that cover the whole wall and do not miss to pick the red roses. These wall stickers are now easily available and they are not even very expensive. You simply need to apply this wall sticker to the wall of your bedroom before your wife wakes up in the morning of the special day. This can be a real surprising and special Valentine gift for your partner.

We hope these ideas helped you! Go make your love happy by presenting her with something special this Valentine’s. Spread smiles, spread love! Cheers.