Beautiful nail art designs for feet

Are you taking enough care of your feet? Many of us tend to miss the feet when it comes to care and maintenance but taking the right care of your feet and maintaining them just like your hands can actually say a lot about your personality. So, if you have been neglecting your feet all along, it is the high time when you should become cautious about them. Getting some latest and beautiful nail arts on the toenails can look really nice and will surely add a lot to your personality. So, here are some latest and unique nail art designs for feet that you can try.

Multicolor floral pattern nail art design


Here you can see flowers on nails painted with different colors on different base colors. While plain base colors have been used on four of the fingernails of each of the feet, a lined textured base has been used for the big and the small toe nails of the two different feet. This pattern of nail art design has a whimsical look to it which adds to its’ overall charm. The use of flowers of different sizes and the golden borders on the flowers has completed the look.

Single floral bunch nail art design


If you want to add a completely different look to your feet without going overboard, this nail art pattern can actually be the best pick for you. Here a small bunch of two flowers have been painted in an angular fashion at one corner of the big toe nail. The other nails have been kept completely without design. However, do not miss out the French pedicure or the glossy top coat on the nails which gives this nail art design a new dimension.

Patterned and solid nail art design


Here you can see a mixture of patterned and solid nail art designs. Identical multi colored patterned designs have been done on the big toe nails of both the feet. The dotted pattern have been done on the nail next to the big toe nail in one foot and on the other the dotted pattern has been done on the nail beside the small toe nail. The other three nails of each of the feet have been painted with a bright solid color. The same color has also been used in the designs of the bigger toe nails to maintain the same tone.

Dotted and solid nail art pattern with stones


The use of stones in nail art has increased over the years. Addition of smaller stones with the nail art gives the design a nice gorgeous look and also makes it more prominent. In this design, a black on white dotted pattern has been used on the big toe nail and on the nail next to the small toe. Different solid colors have been used for covering the other nails of both the feet. Small round stones have been added on all the smaller fingers, while a golden, beaded bow shaped decoration have been added on the big toe nails.

Modern nail art design for feet


This one is a latest and modern nail art design that can give your feet the sleek and stylish look. Here all the fingers have a matte finish base color in pastel shades and the designs have been done with black color. The designs are mostly geometrical and the same designs have been drawn on different fingers of different feet. The use of the golden color to fill in some of the designs has certainly added to the overall look.

Simple floral nail art design


Check out this simple floral nail art design that looks beautiful and can be an ideal pick for any occasion or even without an occasion. This simple and stylist nail art pattern has a classy look to it and can make your feet look really gorgeous. Here a base coat with matte finish has been added on all the 5 toe nails and then the floral design with white petals and henna green center has been drawn intricately at the top left corners of each of the toe nails.

Red and white checker board nail art pattern


This type of nail art designs are known as checker board nail art patterns. Here the two contrasting colors are used to make checker board designs on each of the toe nails. The design runs same on all the finger nails of both the feet. You can get this checker board nail art pattern in colors matching with your dresses to nail the look.

Single finger nail art design


If you are running out of time to get a detailed nail art design done on your toe nails, you can always get a stylist single finger nail art design like the one shown above. Here the nail art is present only on the bigger toe nail on a white base. The flower has been made with the same color, which has been used to paint the other four finger nails of both the feet.

Black and white nail art design


You always need not to play with loads of colors to get beautiful nail arts. You can stick to monochrome and yet get some of the best nail art designs. Here as you can see all the nails have been painted with a glossy white base coat and the intricate design has been done with black and silver beads. The elaborated design on the bigger toe nails deserves anyone’s attention. Small dotted patterns have been done on the other toe nails of both the feet.

Checkerboard and solid combination nail art design


In this nail art pattern the checkerboard design with ash and black has been made on the big toe nails and on the nail next to the small toe nails.  The toe nails of the other fingers have a solid shade of sweet peach color which gives a comparatively matte finish. Small bow shaped golden decorations have been added at the base of the bigger toe nails to complete the design.