Ways to get smooth skin on legs without shaving

Flaunting smooth skin on our legs adds points to our sex appeal! Every lady wants to possess clean and smooth skin on their legs. Shaving is a good idea but it comes with a lot of disadvantages, like speeded up hair growth, coarser strands of new hair, chances of cuts and irritation, etc. Well, in this article, we will go through some easy methods which would help you maintain smooth skin on legs, that too without shaving. These are some handy tips which you can simply follow at home and get the desired results.

How to get rid of hair on legs

  • Moisturize: a lot of people believe on putting moisturizers before their hair removal processes. Well, this had come with a misconception that this process keeps your skin smooth. In reality, it clogs your pores and every strand of hair doesn’t absorb the cream. The best time for moisturizing your skin is after you remove your hair. Apply moisturizers after you take a bath which prevents strands of hair from popping up. Applying moisturizers regularly acts like an external food to the skin and gives a lustful glow to your legs.
  • Waxing: waxing might not be your preferred method for unwanted hair removal, but it helps you get smooth skin. Thus, waxing gives you a two-in-one formula for smooth skin and hair removal. You might be reluctant as it hurts, but the pain is momentary with long lasting effects. New strands of hair would be kept off from your legs for a longer period of time than compared to other methods, especially shaving. You can seek for professional help if you’re waxing for the first time. But if you want to do it alone you can get yourself a home kit or follow home remedies. Make sure you follow the directions to get desired results and to prevent injuries.
  • Avoid hot water: you need to be careful about the water temperature for maintaining smooth skin. You might have to use warm water for cleaning your body, especially during winter times, but be careful upon how hot it actually is. Lukewarm temperature isn’t considered to be very harmful, but if the temperature goes beyond that you might dry out your skin! When your skin dries out, they don’t get the desired moisture they need. That alternatively doesn’t call for the usage of extremely cold water, because that too comes in with disadvantages. Keep a balance between the extremities – to sum up, lukewarm would be just perfect!

Beauty tips for your legs

  • Olive oil: it has numerous benefits when it comes to skin and beauty. Applying olive oil after hair removal processes is one of the best ways to maintain smooth skin. Oils make our skin breathe and help us maintain healthier skin. Applying olive oil 15-20 minutes before bath lets it absorb into your skin. While cleansing your skin, use your regular soap and scrub, and you will feel the difference compared to cleansing oil-free skin. It becomes moisturized that too without the moisturizers! You could apply olive oil before you go to sleep, so that your skin can absorb it to the fullest. Cleanse your skin the next morning and get improved results.
  • Exfoliate legs: every part of skin needs regular exfoliation. We all need to get rid of dead skin cells which allow the growth of newer hair follicles. A nice scrub with sugar and salt could help you exfoliate. You could also apply the apricot scrubs you get to buy from supermarkets.
  • Hair removal treatments: getting a laser treatment for hair removal will reduce the usage of any sort of hair removal method – laser treatments are permanent with not so frequent touch ups! When you don’t need to bother your legs with regular hair removal, you reduce chances of clogged pores or harsh skins. Moisturizing your legs regularly, can solve all the hassles and helps you maintain smooth skin.
  • Soaking: this is easy and can be followed regularly. Soaking your skin in the tub would help you maintain smooth legs. Though this is time consuming, these don’t need external products or harmful remedies. Soak your skin for around 20 minutes every day and use your regular body soap. You are sure to get smoother skin over a period of 3 weeks.

You will have smooth skin all through the year, that too without using razors. Now you no more have to worry if its summer or spring! Choose any of the preferred methods to get your desired smoothness. Keep your skin moist and healthy, to flaunt your gifted beauty.

Products for smooth legs

AFY Invisible Pearl Whitening Silky Leg Cream

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This is an instant whitening cream which makes your leg smooth and soft. This comes with a special texture which makes the content look invisible, but the matter blends into the skin quickly and gives you a flawless look.

Skinnygirl Energizing Leg Cream With Shea Butter 6 Oz

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This is another cream which will serve you with the same purpose. This is an energizing cream which adds energy to your body and makes your skin moisturized. It is added with shea butter so that you skin gets the goodness of the ingredient and repairs damage.