Sodium lauryl sulphate free soaps / SLS free soaps in India

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Benefit of soaps that are free from sodium lauryl sulphate

SLS or sodium lauryl sulphate is that ingredient which is used in most of the personal hygiene products. This tends to create an adverse effect on your health. SLS is nothing but a detergent which is a white crystallized powder. It produces a foaming effect when it comes in contact with air and liquid. It causes skin irritation and other skin related issues. It is often claimed that SLS causes cancer. The effect of this ingredient is long-term and it slowly affects your body. Using toothpaste containing SLS can damage your gums. The main sources of sodium lauryl sulphate can be coconut or petroleum oil. Shampoos containing SLS can cause scalp irritation.

SLS is not only dangerous to animals but also poses a severe threat to marine life as well. It damages the aquatic wildlife.

There are certain products that are free from SLS. When it comes to bathing soap, given below are some of the soaps that do not contain SLS in them. They are as follows:

Khadi natural rose & honey loofah soap SLS free

The khadi natural rose and honey loofah soap SLS free[Buy it online]

The natural SLS free soap contains essential oil in it. The loofah is embedded into different layers of rose oil soap. It also has a layer of moisturizing honey. This soap keeps your sensitive skin safe from all kind of allergies and skin infections.

Soapy twist premium SLS free soap base

Soapy twist premium SLS free soap base[Buy it online]

This soap is made from pure goat milk and sugar. It claims to be 100% vegetarian and contains natural surfactants. It provides moisture to your skin and reduces skin irritations such as redness and itchiness.

Roots D botanica ultra-clear soap

Roots D botanica ultra-clear soap[Buy it online]

The vegetable-based soap bar is odorless and clear water white soap. It is mild to the skin and contains no animal fat. It can be easily melted and poured. The pH level of this soap varies from 8 to 8.5. It shows non-yellowing feature at high temperatures. The SLS free soap acts as good moisturizing bathing soap bar.

The good routine handcrafted detoxifying soap

The good routine handcrafted detoxifying soap[Buy it online]

Artificial fragrances tend to cause allergies. This soap is free from any kind of artificial fragrances and contains a natural scent of lavender essential oil. The Shea butter, olive oil keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized. It relieves your skin from eczema and fights against acne-causing bacteria.

SOS organics Himalayan cedar luxury bath soap

SOS organics Himalayan cedar luxury bath soap[Buy it online]

This soap has a warm, woody fragrance and contains no artificial colour or preservative. The major ingredient of this luxury bath soap is coconut oil, vegetable oil, ambrette seed, cedar essential oil and lye. It has a healing property which means it can make scars and stretch marks become less visible.

Puro body and soul wild rose handmade soap

Puro body and soul wild rose handmade soap[Buy it online]

This handmade soap acts as a natural astringent and gives you an amazing bathing experience. It tightens the pore and moisturizes your skin. It contains rose oil as well as olive oil. You can achieve a healthy and glowing skin.

Lavender castile soap bar

Lavender castile soap bar[Buy it online]

The lavender fragrance of this soap helps to reduce anxiety and produces a calming effect on your mind. It has a perfect blend of organic coconut oil and is considered to be 100% vegan. It contains no chemicals and added preservatives.

The above-mentioned soaps do not leave any residue and thus produces a thick lather. Besides soaps, there are other products that contain SLS. They are toothpaste, shampoos, body wash and detergents. It is always recommended to use products that contain no SLS and is being labelled as natural as well as organic. Make some adjustments and try to switch to products which have no Sodium lauryl sulphate.