Diwali dress styles and hair styles with accessories

Diwali is one of the most significant festivals to Indians. It is known as the festival of lights and millions of fireworks are displayed. There is a lot of prayers, celebrations, food, and happy times, at everyone life and people move towards a new beginning. It marks the New Year for many Hindus, but is celebrated by everybody across the nation.

The main reason for this celebration is the triumph of good over evil. This is the main theme which is celebrated in different ways, like lighting and decorating the house, burning firecrackers, participating in pujas and rituals, etc. Every house is nicely decorated with candles and lights, and there is heavy feasting. Family come together on this day and forgets all their grievances.

Diwali dress styles and hair ideas

The Diwali colors are vibrant and colorful. You have a lot of oranges, reds, pinks and blues, and many clothing blend the brightest colors tone to offer you some of the finest diwali wear. Now we will go through some of the latest and common diwali wear, which will help you choose what you want to wear and how you want yourself to look on this occasion. It is good to stay updated so that you can meet all the requirements before time.

Anarkali suits


If you want to stick to the vibrant color tones, but choose something light among them, you can try out the lightest shade of sea green. It is a cool color which can be vibrant if added with the spice of embroidery. The cute Jacqueline Fernandez is nailing this pretty color as a Diwali wear, and it has been nicely designed with pink sparkles. The dupatta has been placed down one shoulder and her accessories contrast just as the clothing needs. Her long hair has been kept open, parted from one side and then straightened at the front. The rest of the strands have been curled and then flown down. Half of the strands flow down the back and half in front.

Ethnic lehengas for Diwali


Going by the Diwali colors, pink and golden are great blends for this festival. If you want to lehengas, you must stick to vibrant colors like these. Her choli is in complete pink with golden spots stitched all over. The lehenga looks really rich with the amount of golden touch it brings along. She has a very different hairstyle which tucks her longer layers and makes it look like a frilly bob. This hairstyle is not the most typical styles to try, but if you think you can carry something as exotic as this, you must try it out.

Differently ethnic


Our concept of wearing ethnic is very straight. We think about the regular Indian wear and we assume that those are the regular ethnic attire we can carry. However, the real ethnicity comes when you go a little deeper into the real authenticities of how clothes are. In this picture, we see Malaika Arora Khan wear a beautiful lehenga choli, which has been covered with the richness of her dupatta, and that highlights at the most. The lehenga is purple and golden, with a contrast touch of red and golden for the top. She has parted her hair from the middle and made a neat bun, which is an easy getaway to draw maximum attention on what she’s wearing and making her look a little more neat.

Shimmery top and skirt


When it comes to staying into the traditional occasion with a blend of modernity, we tend to mix a little and wear something close to indo-western. Here, we have Pareeniti Chopra wear a shimmery and loose golden top, which looks like a choli if you can translate it like that, and the skirt is as long and much alike our regular lehenga. This attire doesn’t come with a dupatta, but still fits like a distinctive yet Diwali feel. Her hair has been parted from one side, and pinned on the lighter section. The heavier portion falls in front and is left untouched.

Short choli with lehenga


Indian loves to have several choli designs which different at the front, at the back and they have different sizes too. If you want to try out something like a peach and golden lehenga choli design, get yourself something as vibrant and rich like the way you see it in the picture below. Priyanka Chopra looks stunning with her designer lehenga choli wear and rocks the look with the simply styled hair. Her hair has been parted from one side and it curves in the front and then falls down in curls. You can leave your hair open in the simplest style and nail it anyway!

Diwali hair accessory ideas

If you haven’t yet got an idea on how to style you hair, add some of the finest hair accessories to do it for you. We will now list you with some of the best Diwali hair accessories that you can possess, so that you can dazzle up your hair a little well.

Dazzle Collections Foldable Floral


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This is a pretty floral accessory which you can contrast with the vibrant colors that you are going to carry. This looks very sophisticated and ethnic, and fits well onto your hair. This pretty product is great to keep your hair in shape and fits it well. Even if you are not wearing any other accessory, this product will do for it all.

Jewels Traditional Gold Plated Elegantly Handcrafted Kundan


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This is a traditional mangtika design which fits in really well with the ethnic clothes that you’d choose. This mang tika is one of the perfect hair wear any woman can choose, and looks really classy. It goes with almost any Indian wear and crowns your hair even if you have done a simple bun.

Magic Foam Sponge Hair Styling Donut Bun Maker


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This is a bun maker which gives you a quick hair hack. If you want a top knot, you can easily get this and tie your hair with ease. It is quick to open and quick to tie, and makes your style look neat.

Young & Forever Golden Tassel Leaf Chain Hair Comb


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This is a two way hair comb which makes the accessory fall on the back of your head. It is one of the cutest designs and makes you manage open hair. This can be suited with most colors, as it has a nude touch.