Best long lasting perfumes for women

At the time of choosing a perfume it is very important to go ahead with its quality and density as good quality of perfume will stay for a long time. If you are out for the whole day it will be really important to stay away from odor as within your tough work schedule you will hardly remember to put perfume or deodorant once again.

Thus, the choice of perfume must be little different. You can now get variety of such perfumes online that will ideally help you get the best fragrance along with its long lasting effect.  Following are some of the effective women perfume that will last for a long time.

People willing to get a product from the market would always aim it to last for long. Perfume and fragrance is also not an exception. You must get a mist that has smell lasting for a long time. Today this article will speak about such mist that will keep your clothes and body fragranced for a long time.

The quality of such perfume is always amazing with the boost in the decent notes. Also you get a wider option among that variety as such perfumes available in the market. Since everyone does not have same taste and preference, manufacturer has kept many options.

Long lasting perfumes for women

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb[Buy it online]


Yes, we agree it’s bit expensive, but the perfume is worth spending money for! Though the name may suggest that you are going to have a floral explosion if you spray this perfume, but it’s nothing of that sort. It has a very subtle & warm & light essence like sandalwood. It can be a perfect choice if you want to smell good for the next 24 hours.

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium[Buy it online]

Want to attend a party? Then you can definitely go for this perfume, enriched with the essence of coffee & vanilla. It’s not a light kind of scent though but a strong one, & definitely make you smell awesome till the break of dawn.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh

Marc Jacobs Fragrances Daisy Eau So Fresh[Buy it online]

This particular perfume has the very essence of daisy in it, thus making it a very common choice among the ladies. As it has a very light essence it can be worn daily & it also stays for a longer time, helping you keep afresh!

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Perfume

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Perfume[Buy it online]

Alady must have a classy choice & when you want to choose a perfume of that class, that has to be this particular perfume. Though its major essence is floral, yet it has a slight hint of vanilla & musk, making it all more intoxicating.

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle[Buy it online]

This is really a unique kind of perfume to go for. Though it has totally the floral essence, yet it has got subtle essence of fruits like pear & black current. Making it a strange but strong combo. So, you can surely go for it.

Blueberry Weekend Eau de Parfum for women

Blueberry Weekend Eau de Parfum for women[Buy it online]

A well known long lasting perfume which will help you gain maximum advantage of soothing and effective fragrance is none other than the Blueberry Weekend Eau de Parfum for women. You can either apply it in the morning to last for the whole day or can get it for your evening party. The perfume will retain its smell throughout the night when you will be partying with your friends and colleagues in a girl’s night out. This is now available online and can be purchased without any hassle.

Versace bright crystal Perfume for women

Versace bright crystal Perfume for women[Buy it online]

If you want to get the sweet floral and musky smell throughout your day, then Versace bright crystal perfume will be one of the best options in front of you. This has the combination of mahogany, amber plant, peony, yuzu, musk as well as pomegranate.  This also has utilized the fragrance of the lotus plant which has given a wider response by the people around the world purchasing the perfumes online. Get it today and experience hassle free deal.

Davidoff cool water sea rose Eau De Toilette Spray

Davidoff cool water sea rose Eau De Toilette Spray[Buy it online]

The delicate notes of nashi pearls with the floral sprinkles and rich prelude gets you a wonderful sense of action throughout. The perfume will be ideal for any occasion may be a traditional or a formal. Even if you want to wear it throughout the day as a regular use, it will be a wonderful perfume to be used. If you don’t want to pay it before getting it delivered at home, an option of cash on delivery is also available for this product.

Victoria secret Endless love body mist

Victoria secret Endless love body mist[Buy it online]

The perfume comes in a blue color pack along with purple color floral flower image with the transparent cap and the golden color cap body. The perfume provides a fresh fragrance that comes with romantic ambience all around. Your fiancee’s mood will automatically become good with this particular love body mist perfume brought into the market by the Victoria secrets. Grab it today from the online Ecommerce website along with unbelievable price.

Calvin Klein euphoria 1.7 oz Eau de perfume for women

Calvin Klein euphoria 1.7 oz Eau de perfume for women[Buy it online]

Look at the bottle in which this particular perfume is presented. It is half eye shaped with an upward lift and curve which looks really different and sophisticated. This includes the blend of lotus blossom, mahogany, black violet, black orchid as well as mahogany wood.

L’O ccitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette

L’O ccitane Pivoine Flora Eau de Toilette[Buy it online]

The perfume is made with the extracts of rose, lily as well as valley that come with the peony petals. This also comes with the luminous floral accord along with the very soft powdery trail. This fragrance will in build a delicate touch in you without affecting your day to day activities. The roundness of the bottle helps in having a wonderful look along with retention of maximum perfume within it. The freshness of all floral aromas will surprise everyone who are staying beside you whether in a meeting or that of an occasion of purpose. Get it today from the online stores and enjoy its benefits for a long time. Every lady likes pink color whether it is dress or something else. The fragrance made up of the floral accent and pink color body really looks wonderful.  Even when you place this perfume in your dresser placed at your bedroom it will look really wonderful and dearly get provide the best smell that will ideally last for a long time.

Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt for Women, Blue

Nike Up Or Down Perf Edt for Women, Blue[Buy it online]

The toilette natural spray is quite popular in the market. You can also get a long lasting protection with the Nike long lasting perfume. Not only this, the smell will keep you stay refresh for a long time. Women can carry it with them in their vanity bag as this is really handy and portable. You can easily get good feel in front of the mass.

Hey You Original 100 ML Womens BEAUTIFUL Perfume

Hey You Original 100 ML Womens BEAUTIFUL Perfume[Buy it online]

Bottle of the perfume is white and very sophisticated design. If you plan to gift it to your wife or fiancée, you can easily get a great chance of recognition. Your lady will be absolutely happy with the long lasting fragrance that you have handed over to her. Since this is designed for Indian weather condition, you wont get an uncomfortable feeling in any weather conditions.

Nike Casual EDT for Women, Pink

Nike Casual EDT for Women, Pink[Buy it online]

If you are looking for the range of long lasting perfumes, this is the wonderful fragrance in front of you. This item is also not very costly such that it would be applicable to a particular class of people. Rather, this will be adopted by many or maximum people. Also with regards to quality it works well. The pink color cap of the long lasting Nike perfume helps in making a great approach. The smell of the aroma is likable by many ladies around the world.