Valentine gift ideas for him

Are you still in a dilemma about what to gift that special man in your life on this Valentine’s Day? Then stop worrying about it and start browsing through this collection of best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him. Picking the right gift for the special man is never easy, and you always have to keep in mind that your man is most expected to have a different outlook about gifts than your own. So, when shopping for him, it is important for you to pick something that is manly enough and not something that you would love to get as a gift. This collection of Valentine gift ideas for him includes gifts of different budget and you can pick any from this list according to the profundity of your relationship.

The most special day for all lovers: Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and we know you are going all crazy to make your honey feel even more loved on that day. You must have either thought of a thousand things to do for him, or you are very blank about what to do.

Well… look no further. We will help you with this. We will share with you some useful gift ideas for the man in your life. Let us get started, shall we? Read on,


Watch[Buy it online]

Watches are a classic since times immemorial. They show your man’s status and style, and can come in funky variations too! If your guy loves to wear branded watches (which most men do), this would be a dream gift for him, as it would add to his collection. If he has no sense of time, gift him a watch so that he learns how to be punctual (wink)! You could also give him a smart watch available online and at stores if your budget is on the higher side!

Beer mug

Beer mug[Buy it online]

Is there a man who does not love beer? Well, we do not know about him. A personalized or cool beer mug with classic slogans like “stay a little longer”, or “the beer so good, it’s bad”, “would you say no to another?” or “I love my husband but he loves beer more” can add a funny touch to the mugs. Your man would be bound to fall in love with it, cause girl he loves beer and you know it!


Decanter[Buy it online]

To add to the alcoholic list, (not that we are promoting alcohol, NO), if your man loves to drink on occasions, you can gift him a cool decanter to hold his whiskey, rum or wine! The see-through glass holder with a cork on top (made of glass again) not only looks classy and vintage but it also has the power to charm your man beyond your expectations.


Pullover or hoodie[Buy it online]

Is your man ad about following the latest fashion trends? Then gift him a pullover or hoodie this winters on Valentine’s Day and it would surely make him smile broader than usual. A reverse weave hooded sweatshirt, a personalized slogan hoodie, a quarter zip pullover, a cashmere hoodie, are some options for you to gift him this ‘love-day’.


Books[Buy it online]

For your bibliophile lover boyfriend, nothing could make him happier but books! ‘My Favourite Things’, ‘Lullabies’, ‘14000 things to be happy about’, ‘The Rosie Project’, ‘US’ are some gift ideas and we are sure that your man would totally love to read them.

Shave/trim kit

Shave or trim kit[Buy it online]

Who could drive out the importance of being well groomed? Be it while attending an occasion, a formal gathering, going to work, or anything of that sort, your man needs a trimming or shaving kit without fail! Save his expense a little and delight him by gifting him a super useful shaving or trimming kit.

Photo collage frames

Photo collage frames[Buy it online]

In this world where everything is machine made, go a little personal and gift him a personalized collage or photo frame containing your best photos together. He will fall in love with you all over again, and no this is not girly!


Champagne[Buy it online]

Start your valentine’s day with style and gift him a champagne at 12am sharp when you’re out with him for a candle-lit dinner date on the 13th of Feb. Could it get any more royal?


Wallet[Buy it online]

Well, no man can do without a wallet full of pockets. If you are bored of his same old, old-fashioned purse, you should probably buy him a new one. This is again a useful gift for your man.

Laptop bag

Laptop bag[Buy it online]

For the boyfriend who loses his sleep over office, a laptop bag would be ideal as a gift. He could store all his necessary files and documents, and everyday essentials in it and look uber chic and classy at the same time!


Headphones[Buy it online]

If he loves to listen to music, gift him good branded wireless headphones. He would not be able to thank you enough for them!

Running shoes

Running shoes[Buy it online]

If your man loves to be fit and loves to work out on a daily basis, gift him a new pair of running shoes! You could also give him lace-less sneakers, which he could also wear on a casual outing with his friends.

A simple greeting card

A simple greeting card[Buy it online]

If your relationship has reached a depth where gifts does not really matter, a simple greeting card with some special quotes for him can actually make the best gift for him on this Valentine’s Day. Believe us, men are highly sensitive and a card like this one “Nobody Could Ever Replace You” can actually make the day most memorable for him.

LED dream night bed lamp

LED dream night bed lamp][Buy it online]

This gift has its usefulness and it is sure to make him think of you every time he switches it on. This energy saving creative mushroom bed lamp has a soft and romantic touch which conveys the sense of the day really well. This bed lamp comes for a price below INR. 1,500 and in case it is a bit higher for you, you can also opt for less expensive similar options that holds perfectly to the idea.

A silk neck tie

A silk neck tie[Buy it online]

Silk goes so well with the idea of romance and gifting him a silk neck tie on the occasion of Valentine’s Day can always be a good idea. High quality silk neck ties will last for long and can have maximum usefulness as well. You can get a branded silk neck tie of premium quality for a price of around INR 1700. There are also a number of inexpensive variants. So, pick according to your budget.

Men’s multi grooming set

Men’s multi grooming set[Buy it online]

An electronic multi grooming set for men is something that your man is sure to like. These sets have wide usefulness on daily life and if you are picking a branded product it can serve him for long without any interruption. So, if you want to gift him something that will have a true use in his daily life, a good quality multi grooming set can serve the job.


Chocolates[Buy it online]

If your man loves chocolates gifting him a box of high quality Belgium chocolates along with a red rose can be a good idea on this Valentine’s Day. Ensure that the chocolates come in a premium gift box, but first you also have to check that he is not very calorie conscious. Premium quality Belgium chocolate boxes are available within INR. 2,000. You can also settle for a smaller variant if you feel.

Heart key chain

Heart key chain[Buy it online]

If you want to gift your man something simple but with a deep sense of love, this zinc alloy made, silver color heart key chain can actually make your best choice. This flawlessly-crafted, heart shaped key chain has a unique manly look about it which is sure to be liked by any man. This product is also available for a very pocket friendly price.

A pendant necklace with a special message

A pendant necklace with a special message[Buy it online]

Manymen love the idea of putting on a sleek chain on their neck and if your man uses one, this pendant necklace can make an ideal Valentine’s Day gift for him. This solid and sleek pendant has a manly look about it and the “You are my everything” quote on the pendant makes it actually special for someone in love with you. This pendant is available under Valentine’s Day offer for a price within INR. 500.

A manly bracelet

A manly bracelet[Buy it online]

It is not only the women who love jewelries, many men love jewelries with a manly touch.  A gold plated bracelet can always make a good gift for him and even if he does not usually wear one, he might just start using it after you gift it to him. There can be extensive variations in the metal used in making the bracelet; while you can even opt for solid gold or silver bracelets, you can also opt for the much cheaper rhodium plated ones according to your budget. Remember gifts of love should never be weighed for their material value.

Casio edifice stopwatch chronograph – Rs 10,795

Casio edifice stopwatch chronograph[Buy it online]

Gifting your man a watch on Valentine’s Day is an old idea, but in fact, it is still one of the best that you can pick. No matter how many wrist watches the man already owns, he is sure to like a special addition, like Casio Edifice Stopwatch Chronograph Multi-Colour Dial Men’s Watch, in the list. Well, this is an expensive item and will cost you over INR. 10,000 but it is no doubt one of the best items to make the day for your man.

Heart cufflinks – Rs 36,907

Heart cufflinks[Buy it online]

Heart cufflinks are available in various styles and pattern and they can make a unique gift for the man you love. While picking a heart shaped or heart printed cufflink always ensure the quality of the product. The Deakin and Francis Men’s Good and Bad Heart Cufflinks are priced over a lakh while you can find heart printed cufflinks for few thousands as well. So, pick according to your budget.

Sony power bank – RS 2,292

Sony power bank[Buy it online]

When you are planning to gift him something really useful on Valentine’s Day, a Sony Power Bank can actually make a good option. Power Banks have extensive usage in the modern life and it is most expected that your love will be obliged to have one from you.  It will certainly depict your thoughtfulness about spending the money at the right place. The price of Sony power banks vary according to their capacity, so pick one as per your budget.

Heart shaped hope designer paper weight – Rs 2,561

Heart shaped hope designer paper weight[Buy it online]

This heart shaped designer paper weight can actually convey the sense of love in a very subtle way and it is sure to make a permanent place on his desk. If you seem to not to find anything quite unique and different for your special man, this designer piece can actually make the best choice. This solid heart shaped paper weight along with the beautiful blue butterflies, look absolutely classy and can make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Tifosi slip shield sunglasses

Tifosi slip shield sunglasses[Buy it online]

If your man spends a lot of time outdoors or on his bike, this gift can be an ideal one for him on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This sunglass can be not only the most useful gift for him but will also show how much you care for him. This imported piece comes with UV protection to ensure the best UV coverage for the eyes of your loved ones. This sunglass is priced over INR. 10,000.

Leather jackets

Leather jackets[Buy it online]

There is hardly any man who does not like leather jackets. These jackets have something very manly about them and they can actually make an ideal gift for any man in any occasion. Leather jackets are available in a wide price range and variety which ensures that you can always pick one according to your own choice and budget. However, always ensure that the jacket you pick is of good quality to ensure that it will serve him long.

A potted plant

A potted plant[Buy it online]

A beautiful potted plant with flowers can actually make a nice gift for him on Valentine’s Day. It can make the best green-gift for him that he is sure to like. Make sure that you do not gift a seasonal plant that will die, rather opt for bonsai and cactus or any other plants that will look beautiful throughout the year and will grow along with your love for each other.

A personalized audio CD

A personalized audio CD

If you are really willing to gift something special to your man on the occasion of the Valentine’s Day, this gifting idea can surely make the best one. Make a CD with all his romantic favorite songs and add your love quotes, and feelings for him in your own voice in between the songs. Opt to get a unique print on the CD which should include the picture of you two with a lot of roses and hearts. This unique personalized gift can mean a lot to your man and this one can certainly make the day most memorable for him.

So, now coming to the end of the list of the best Valentine’s Day gifts for your man, let us get into some cool and romantic ideas that can also make the right gift for him with a special touch from you.

So ladies, which gifts match your man’s personality? Wait no longer and just go out to shop!