Wedding anniversary gifting ideas for him

Wedding anniversaries are an important occasion in every couple’s life. It gives you an opportunity to celebrate the joy with your partner. During the first years of your marriage, it seems to be an easy task to find gifts for your partner. But later, finding an appropriate gift that will be treasured becomes tough. Given below are some of the wedding anniversary gift ideas for your man that will make him happy.

Play station or x-box

Play station or x-box[Buy it online]

Nothing can beat the happiness that a man gets when he is able to unleash the inner 12-year-old inside him. Let him relive his childhood with the latest console and nothing could be better than this as an anniversary gift.

Sleek timepiece

Sleek timepiece[Buy it online]

Being classy and funky at the same time, watches can enhance your man’s style. It can make your man good looking. Buy him a water-resistant watch.

Personalized whiskey glass

Personalized whiskey glass[Buy it online]

Personalized whiskey glass is a superb gift as it can make your moment extra special. Engrave few lines and your husband is just going to love it. You can also put a city map and point to the place where your first date was.


Books[Buy it online]

If your man loves book, gift him his favorite author’s book. This could make him happier.

Trim kit

Trim kit[Buy it online]

Nothing is more attractive than a man who is well groomed. No matter what the occasion is, a shaving or trimming kit must always come handy. Delight him by gifting him this useful gift on your wedding anniversary.

Personalized gadget key chain

Personalized gadget key chain[Buy it online]

This key chain comes handy during the time of emergency. You can pop up on road or you can simply use it for small purpose when you are at home. This compact gadget comes with a small LED light, a tape measure, foil cutter, screwdriver, bottle opener and a knife.

Sunglass travel case

Sunglass travel case[Buy it online]

If your partner wear specs or is fond of wearing sunglasses then this travel case is perfect for him. It comes with a dual carrier and aims at keeping the sunglasses safe. Keeps the smudge away with its velvet lined box.

Travel bag

Travel bag[Buy it online]

Gift him a premium full-grain leather bag. It can be used during his office tours or other transportation purposes. You can also personalize it with by writing few words.

Wedding photo wooden plaque

Wedding photo wooden plaque[Buy it online]

Personalize the wooden plaque with your wedding photo and leave a message. This could make your beloved happy.

Hidden message tie

Hidden message tie[Buy it online]

A tie is something which your partner would be looking forward to. It has a special pocket where you can tuck a secret love note.

Running shoes

Running shoes[Buy it online]

If your man is a fitness freak, give him a pair of running shoes. He can use the shoes on a daily basis during his workout.


Wallet[Buy it online]

Wallet is something that a man cannot do without. Buy him a new wallet so that he gets rid of the same old-fashioned wallet that he has been using for years.

Plan a special vacation

Anniversaries are special. A special getaway can make it a memorable one. Check all the online travel sites so that you can get the best deals available. A two to four days’ vacation is perfect as an anniversary gift for your husband.

Massage for two

Massage can rejuvenate your body and soul. Does a quality research about the type of massage that suits him well as well as his lifestyle? Make reservations at a spa. Both of you can have a Thai massage. This will help you loosen your muscles and joints. You can also try the Californian massage where scented oil is applied into skin and muscles. You also avoid going at the spa, instead create your own spa at home. Use scented oil, prepare a bubble bath with candles decorated in every nook.

Special anniversary alfresco

You can plan for an alfresco where you can also include some of his favorite outdoor games. If he loves fishing, plan a day for fishing and give him fishing related gift. Spend the night under the stars. Take a long walk.

Choose your gifts wisely. Give him gifts according to his personality and this would surely make your man happy.