What are the best iPad and Smartphone Apps for doctors?

Everyone nowadays is living in this mobile world and so even the doctors. People are more conscious about their health than previous time and they are using various apps to measure their fitness. But still, for doctors, the need for these apps is bit different from rest of the people. They are using several apps to know about the latest updates in the field of the medical sector. Thus, due to all latest innovations the people as well the doctors are more prone to fitness. Thus, there are several medical apps which doctors are actually using in their smartphones and they are surely worth having.



This is one of the apps that are standard to download on any iOS or Android phone. There are millions of doctors who have downloaded the app. Doctors prefer to use this app because with the help of this app you can able to get information about drug and several interactions related to it. They also can use this app to calculate the BMI of any patient. This app is absolutely free and with this app, you can able to get additional information on an international level.



Another useful app that must be there in the list of doctors is the UpToDate app and it can be downloaded on both iOS and Android phones. This app includes complete medical knowledge that helps the doctors to answer several clinical questions on an immediate basis. This app can be downloaded to your phone for free and you can straight away access all wealthy information from the same.



This is another kind of app that is actually used by the doctors who are in the emergency rooms and the same is useful for nurses, students, residents, EMTs. You can easily able to earn several Continuing Medical Education Credits from this app while you are treating your patients. There is a special feature in this app known as Symptom Checker that actually helps to diagnose several possible ailments based on any patient’s symptoms, tests as well as lab results.  Also, this app contains several profiles of diseases, medical conditions, treatment options and much more. This app also includes several videos that show clinical procedures as well as push notifications.



This app actually introduced by WebMD that is offered on any iOS and Android phone. This app will actually help you to know about much medical information, check some important diseases, and catch up that medical news and many more. This app is also free that you can register for your account.



This is actually a social network app for doctors and about 70% of physicians are a member of this app. With the help of this app, you can able to communicate with other doctors situated in any part of the world. Also, all your communication will be secured on this network. You can also follow several trends and news in this specialty as well as able to browse jobs in this profile. Though this app is free to download you need to separately sign up to get its membership.

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In this app, you can actually able to share several medical related images. These images can be viewed by the people those who are in the database of this app. Moreover, this app is also useful for expressing your views. Also, physicians can consider this app if they require any kind of feedback which you can’t find easily in any textbooks or so. Also, this app guarantees that the patient’s information does not get leaked. You can download this app for free.

Medical Journal Apps

Medical Journal AppsGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

There are many apps where you can read online journals that especially consist of cases. One of such app in Case, where there are around 81 medical specialists. The app is followed by 100,000 keywords. This means that you can follow the journals that are related just to your specialty. Also, the algorithm of this app is quite user-friendly. You will get suggestions as per your choice that what you should read that will make your knowledge better and effective. This app is also free to download.

Medical Terminology

Medical TerminologyGET / DOWNLOAD LINK

This is nothing but a reference guide where doctors can able to get the right information about several medical terms. This app will help you to get information regarding several uncommon words as well as phrases. This app also comes with sufficient support offline, quick search and many more. Also, you will get a hold of unlimited bookmarks.

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This is one of the apps that will able to deliver medical related news on day to day basis. You can also able to search new topic related to healthcare, medical literature and much more. This is really a help for the professionals who are attached to this sector.